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Olivier Dhez Sep 8, 1999 12:51 AM
LPR Macintosh and Unix cohabitation
I want to know if somebody can give me the following information: that when you send a print job by LPR with the Macintosh, you will not see it in the Unix job queue?
Our system administration said: "If you print directly to a Unix machine, you better have a sendmail running on your Mac!! I am postmaster and if you print to a Unix queue and not having sendmail, then I get that mail as undelivered."
What can I answer to make him confident?

Thanks for you proposition.

cmartin Sep 19, 1999 01:39 PM
sounds like he has LPD set to email the user when the print job is submitted/done. LPD looks at you and your machines IP and tells sendmail to email to you@yourmachine.wherever to tell you that the print job is done. Your machine, since it doesn't have sendmail won't recieve the message and it'll bounce back to him. my question is why does it matter? I'm a postmaster and I get bounced messages all the time, I just delete them if they don't need my response. Plus, if he's using any good email program he can just filter out those messages that don't need his response. Also, what about the windows machines? are they using the queue? what are they doing about those? Also, he/you could set up LPD on another I machine just for mac/win users with the command line switches set not to email the user. That machine would have a print queue set to print to the main queue and the print job would appear to come from that second machine. Got a linuxppc box around ?


farulg Sep 20, 1999 04:10 AM
Another option is to send the print jobs directly to the printer. Most recent network printers are capable of receiving jobs directly, all you do is set your Mac to print to the name/IP of the printer.

I do this on our network printers so that I do not have to update the hosts.lpd file on the Unix server for each Mac that wants to print to the printers. Also avoids the whole bounced email thing.
efranicjr Sep 20, 1999 01:46 PM

I purchased a Lexmark Optra E310 laser printer recently because it was a great printer for the money ($399).

Since I use a Wallstreet G3 PowerBook and USB cards aren't readily available yet, I hooked the printer up to my old NeXTStep PC via the parallel port. NeXTStep automatically creates an LPR queue.

To print to it from the Mac, I just used the Desktop Printer Utility, which is built into Mac OS 8.5. It lives in the Apple Extras folder. It was really easy to create a desktop printer that connected to the LPR queue. And with the exception of nasty PostScript errors in a few high-end programs (PageMaker, Photoshop, Canvas), eveything works fine. I think the PS errors in my case are NeXTStep-specific, so you shouldn't have a problem with Linux or something else.
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