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HackManDan Aug 24, 1999 11:21 PM
2 modems
I have a GV 56k modem and an older GV 33.6 modem and I was wondering if you could connect each to its own serial port and use them simounslt w/2 phone lines.

IKUZUSA Aug 26, 1999 03:09 PM
Warning!!! - This can quickly turn into a real mess. However, if you like challenges... You can connect two GV modem to your Mac, but you will only be able to use one at a time. Additionally you will have to manually toggle the modem's software from one modem to the other everytime you switch between modems.

If you're trying to recieve faxes, while surfing the net... sell your 33.6 at an auction site like Ebay and use the money towards an stand-alone fax machine.

Marcus Aug 29, 1999 04:17 PM
OK you can't do it the way you described, but it can be done another way. By using the Sonic Bandit internet router you have up to 3 modems connected at once, this will triple your data rate. Problem is that you'll need 2 phone lines and two internet accounts. But if you already have 2 phone lines, then an extra account costs very little and is great for a large transfer or gaming. It will also allow multible computers to share the same internet account at the same time. I use one and we sell heaps of them, they are a super piece of work.
for more info go to


MacsWellSolutions Aug 31, 1999 04:14 PM
There is a software solution that provides exactly what you were seeking, HakManDan. Try using LinkUPPP! Turbo from I can't comment on this solution but am about to try it myself when I have some new phone lines installed. Brief description ...

"LinkUPPP! Turbo 3.0 (One or Two Modems) is a Multilink PPP client for the Mac OS that supports one or two modems over analog phone lines (plain old telephone service or "POTS"). LinkUPPP! Turbo enables users to get access speeds of up to 112 kbps using two 56K modems."

Cheers, Peter B. ( ;-)
The Grand Panjandrum Sep 7, 1999 12:54 PM
LinkUPPP Turbo is a great product. I use this (along with IPNetRouter) to use dual 56k USR modems to provide internet routing to everything on my small in-house network. Both these products have performed flawlessly. A couple things to look for:

1) Does your ISP support multilink PPP? If they support dual-channel ISDN dial-up then they almost have to support multilink PPP (at least, this is what I've been told). However, you will probably be charged for two accounts if you ISP knows you are doing this...

2) Even though LinkUPPP Turbo support modems of different speeds, most ISPs are not "smart" enough to deal with this. As a result, no matter what your actual connection speed, you will only send and receive data as fast as your *slowest* modem (well, that fast on both modems, so actually twice as fast as your slowest modem). Thus, if you use a 56k and 33.6 modems, you will probably end up with what amounts to two 33.6 modems. Again, your ISP should be able to tell you if this will be the case.

Good Luck...

David Butler
The Grand Panjandrum Macintosh Services
Gregory Sep 17, 1999 12:38 PM
My ISP allows MLM, I use LinkUPPP, and am charged an extra $0.50/hr extra for the time.

I do not get 112k on two 56k modems. Ftps are 9k/sec max. 4.8k with one modem on LinkUPPP and 5k with Remote Access.

OS 9 has built-in multilink multi-homing but I don't know if that is multilink PPP...

I use one modem for internet, the other for fax using MacComCenter 3.02 without any problem most of the time - one internal Apple v.90 and Supra USB v.90 which both work equally welll. - Greg
Paul Huang Sep 18, 1999 10:50 PM
This may not apply to the issue of having two functional modems through serial ports, but it is very handy for PowerBook users.

On all of my PowerBooks (including the Lombard), you may use the built-in modem and another modem for fax purposes. For example, I use the internal modem for fax and the PC card modem for PPP, because under the "modem" control panel (for PPP purposes), you may choose PC card modem; the faxmodem, by default, chooses the internal modem.

If there are two PC card slots, I'd use two separate PC cards--one could be the now very inexpensive Global Village Teleport Gold (for fax only) and the other one for PPP.

With the above setup, I am able to be connected to the web and send/receive fax at the same time (simultaneously).
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