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Meadowfield Jan 27, 2000 06:02 PM
Clean Install Suggestions
OK, here's one for you system purists...

I plan to initialize the my DVSE drive once more for the heck of it. Actually, what I'd like to do is 'label' all the system components so that I may more easily identify original software from that which is installed by applications, updaters, etc. in the future. An idea written about recently on a site I unfortunately do not remember.

The unit came pre configured with OS 8.6 along with the usual array of applications; some of which depend on system files not installed in OS 9. The fax utility is one that comes to mind, but I am sure there are others.

Has anyone had success in "dragging" system disk files into a clean OS 9 without complications? Are there any other files/programs on the iMac I should be aware of that involve system components not included in OS 9? Or do most of you prefer the "overlay" of OS 9 on top of 8.6?

I've been able to lick the random freeze syndrome on my current dirty overlay, but recently have gotten mixed results on the deep sleep problem. Some have posted success with this particular issue after a "clean" install and I trust that they mean a pure OS 9 after an initialization. I'd like to give this a go myself and study the results.

Any thoughts or encouragement from this august brain trust would be appreciated.


wlonh Jan 27, 2000 06:15 PM
when i upgraded my G3 minitower (rev2, beige) , i went counter to my usual procedure of reintialising the HD(s) and then installing MacOS (and not allowing the MacOS installer to update the HD driver because, hey, the reintialisation just did that!), this procedure is not a clean install.

BUT as i say, i didn't follow my usual routine of upgrading OS'es and i DID do a clean install of MacOS 9 and had a fast and seamless transition from 8.6 and i did just drag'n drop my needed files from the 'Previous System Folder' to the new one... MacOS 9 has been just a wee bit more stable than was 8.6, and 8.6 was a rock for me, a ROCK.

as ever, your mileage may..., etc. experiment and see what happens, always taking care to backup your backup of your backed-up backup of course.
Meadowfield Jan 28, 2000 10:52 AM
Thanks for your suggestions, but isn't the drive on the OS 9 disk more recent?

Also, having recently been an AOL convert, what internet settings preferences need I save so that I do not have to reset my ISP settings? IE Favorites? Outlook Mail?

Thanks again, and Happy FRIDAY!

wlonh Jan 28, 2000 11:46 AM
yes of course the HD driver on the MacOS 9 CD is newer, i did not say i did not update the driver when i did the_clean install_of OS 9 (as opposed to my_normal_procedure of reinitialising with the new OS CD's Drive Setup and then installing the new MacOS in which case one need not allow the installer to update the driver BECAUSE it has JUST been updated), when one does a clean install (a procedure which does NOT erase any data from one's HD as does a (re)initialisation of HD, and clean install leaves you with TWO system folders, one new and one labeled 'previous') it is most certainly necessary to check the little "update driver" box in the MacOS installer, as i did.
Meadowfield Jan 28, 2000 01:06 PM
Gotcha, Thanks.

And how about the preferences? Does anyone have any suggestions about transferring these? I'd really hate to loose all this data unnecessarily.

wlonh Jan 28, 2000 01:53 PM
same deal, drag'n drop them (the ones you need... third party software/widgets pref's, etc), into new Sys Folder.

i did.

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Gregory Jan 28, 2000 03:17 PM
Conflict Catcher (and ther is a shareware "Clean Instal Merge") let you move filies from a Previous System Folder and label those transferred, and verify before merge/copy so you can select which ones to not allow.

You DO have a backup - kinda pain w/o FireWire or SCSI and USB slow as molasses - so you don't lose anything.

I didn't have any trouble w/ installing OS 9 onto the existing 8.6, but I've done a couple more reformat/clean installs since.

One thing I saw was an ethernet hub/server/disk drive $499 10GB so you can use Ethernet even on one Mac w/ ethernet hub for backup/storage.

Meadowfield Jan 28, 2000 04:07 PM
Thanks Greg. Yeah, I've got a 250 zip that works nicely, but alas too small for this "dirty" 8.6/9 system folder - at least the remaining space on it, ie: too cheep to get another disk, but I digress. So anyway Clean Install Assistant wouldn't work for me. Besides, the less I move from the older the better, right?

I guess I could wing it, but I'd rather not make simple mistakes made by others before me. I'm not going to have the this Old System Folder on the desktop to console me, and I'll need to choose what I'll need to save beforehand.
GORDYmac Jan 31, 2000 02:24 PM
I did a clean install of OS 9 (DV SE), and then copied my old preferences folder to the new prefs folder. If you don't you'll have to reconfigure remote access, etc.

I ran into problems a few days later (sound-in set to CD, not other options), so I did a reinstall from the CD.

Everything works fine now.

As far as the other files, mine was a manual process of looking at old & new system folders and dragging each necessary file to the new system folder.
M. Reed Feb 13, 2000 07:21 PM
I did a clean install of OS9 on B&W G3/350 and used Conflict Catcher "Clean install merge" feature to move things. Worked great, no problems. So far I'm loving 9.
Also, when installing, its important to remember to disconnect third party USB, SCSI, etc. ( I've read that you may have to remove SCSI cards as well.)
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