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nine11always Jan 29, 2000 02:43 AM
OS 9 and IE 4.5
Ever since I've installed OS 9 on my G3/450, closing browser windows in IE takes a couple of seconds with a lot of HD crunching sounds.

I've trashed preferences, IE cache and allocayed more memory to the app, all with no luck.

Any suggestions (short of reinstalling)?

Thanks in advance,
F. Montes, Jr.
gMan Jan 29, 2000 04:22 AM
I am having the exact same problem.

Closing a browser window since upgrading can sometimes take up to 30 seconds!
cutmoney Jan 29, 2000 11:08 AM
Sorry, but I have the same problem also. It looks like you will have to just wait untill the new version is released or start using Netscape like I did.

-Cut Money C

nine11always Jan 29, 2000 02:50 PM
Glad to hear I'm not the only one having these problems. In my original post I said it takes a "couple" of seconds to close. It actually takes anwhere from 15-30 seconds!

I like IE better than Netscape, but for now Communicator it is!

Thanks for your help.

F. Montes, Jr.
whtgrower Jan 30, 2000 11:41 AM
I installed OS9 on my 8500, and have not had any problems with IE4.5 Maybe its a G3 thing??
eklee Jan 30, 2000 03:45 PM
a hint I found online for speeding IE up:

go to preferences->proxies, and enable the proxy settings. Enter some garbage information, and then turn off the proxies. This should speed things up significantly.

More tips at

Phi Sigma Kappa
Course VI
GORDYmac Jan 31, 2000 02:27 PM
How big is your browser cache and history? Try purging the browser cache, I have found that when IE crashes the cache becomes corrupted, so I delete it often, or put in a purging RAM disk.

BTW, I have a DV SE.
spiderand Feb 7, 2000 06:41 AM
I have the same problem on a G4 450. I've now resorted to using IE 4.01 which works fine or Netscape. Let's hope IE 5 addresses this bug. Bloody Microsoft!!!
2swell Feb 8, 2000 05:36 PM
I don't have the delay problem. I use a 9600/350 w OS9, lots of RAM and cable modem. I turned off the cache completely. History is limited to the last 30 sites. This works very fast for me.


IE 4.5 doesn't show images as well as Communicator did. I often get generic icons where images should be. It really sucks when some of them are buttons and I can't tell what they will do. These are GIFs and JPGs - why should IE have a problem with them?

TheAdmiral Feb 9, 2000 01:26 AM
I've had my G4/450 for 3 weeks now and use IE 4.5 all the time... haven't noticed any lag whatsoever. I do get problems with not having enough memory for some functions after I've had a lot of apps open and then quit them all.. oh just bring on OS X and let's put this archaic Mac OS behind us!
tooki Feb 11, 2000 06:07 PM
2swell: I think yours is an isolated problem, possibly related to having the cache off. I for one have found Netscape to have more problems loading images.

What is obvious is that IE has SERIOUS memory problems. On my G3 with 192MB RAM it sometimes enlarges its memory partition to over 120MB.

riverat Feb 12, 2000 11:22 PM
I too, am having IE 4.5 problems on running the disk before closing down. I have since upgraded to 4.5.1 and the problem seems to have disappeared. Before I upgraded, I could turn off Virtual Memory and IE would quit immediately. I tried everything suggested here, but if you are going to run IE 4.5 it is almost a necessity to turn off VM. Of course, you will be limited on memory and get lots of warning messages. I have 104 Megs of ram and I can never get my "About This Computer" to total to close to that figure. Apple has a memory leak bug.
ssquirrel Feb 14, 2000 06:34 PM
Im using IE 4.5 and OS9 on a G3 upgraded machine with no problems at all.
BTW...Netscape 4.7 is not compatible with OS9
you need to remove several components in order to use it.
msuper69 Feb 15, 2000 08:54 PM
OS9 & IE 4.51 on Rev. A iMac w/64mb RAM. Screams. New browser windows open instantly.
Even when running with multiple apps such as OE 5, AOL,
PageMill 3.0 and other various and sundry programs. Go figure!
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