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Meadowfield Feb 8, 2000 06:02 PM
File Management Preferences
I've always chosen to have only three folders on the root level of my hard drive; Applications, System Folder, and Documents. The former and the latter are then tabbed to the bottom of my screen for easy access.

Folders like Apple Extras, Assistants, etc that are installed on the root level on a clean instal are placed into Applications or Documents folder. I find this to be much neater and far less intimidating for new users or potential wintel converts. File sync backup and clean install routines are less of a hassle as well this way.

Recently though, I've noticed that some programs often rely on these default locations, and I was wondering if anybody is aware of any conflict this may present. For example, the Real Audio Plug in installer looked for Apple Extras on the root and when it couldn't find it one was created. Outlook 5 relies on the Documents folder at the root and once created one before I had a chance to copy the original folder from my back up disk.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Meadowfield Feb 9, 2000 07:09 PM
Don Foy Feb 9, 2000 11:12 PM
I'm amazed at the stupidity of the installers some folks send out.

I do the same thing as you, only to a lesser degree. I have an Internet folder, an Applications folder, System folder, Utilities Folder, Font storage folder (I use font management) and a couple of others that just seem to work better on the root.

One thing you can do is leave those folders there, but arrange the window so that you have the three folders you keep there on the top, then some empty space, then the other folders, then make the window smaller so as to show only the three folders you are really serious about.

Meadowfield Feb 10, 2000 08:00 AM
Thanks Don,

I've been doing just that with two items that always appear on the root when I open AppleWorks after a clean Instal of OS 9; they are MacLink Import Translators, and MacLink Export Translators. Do you have any idea where they "want" to be? Deleting them or putting them in the AppleWorks folder only results in two more. And yes. I've applied the updater that comes with OS9 for AppleWorks.


Don Foy Feb 10, 2000 08:29 PM
Those two files belong in the Claris folder inside your system folder.
Meadowfield Feb 10, 2000 08:41 PM
Thanks again Don, but I've tried that and inevitably they are recreated. Perhaps I'll Rebuild afterwards.


Meadowfield Feb 12, 2000 08:27 AM

Still no success. Perhaps you would be kind enough to do a serch for the two on your unit and advise where they reside?

They are again: "MacLink Export Translators" and "MacLink Import Translators" Get Info tells me they are Appleworks Text document(s).


Don Foy Feb 12, 2000 04:16 PM

I did do a search, that's how I knew where they belonged (You didn't think I knew that right off the top of my head, did you?)

I looked again, and there are two folders, One named Claris and one named Claris Folder. The Claris Folder folder appears to be an older version, probably from Em@iler.

The one with the MacLink files in it is named Claris (no folder on the end).

Let's try that.

If that doesn't work, I'm not sure where to go, other than to do a deinstall of AppleWorks (ClarisWorks) making sure all of the pieces are gone, and reinstalling.

Meadowfield Feb 13, 2000 08:48 AM

Dooh! Oh you meant the Claris folder in the System, not the Preference Folder! Looks like I stepped into yet another OS 9 Clean Instal hazard. Funny, the Ap worked just fine without the Claris Folder in the System. An install from the system disk followed by the updater did the trick!

I owe you one, and yes I thought you did happen to know the default locus. I was very impressed indeed.

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