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pastusza Feb 10, 2000 08:27 AM
Browse the Internet not working
I installed the 15 demo version of MacLink Plus last night n MacOS9. Upon reboot the usual dialog box came from Norton Antivirus about the installer cleanup. I clicked allow and the machine locked up. When I rebootedit scanned the whole HD and the Mac automatically rebuilt my desktop.

Netscape is my default browser. If I click on Browse the Internet I get the following error:

This application program cannot be opened because the folder "Essential Files" cannot be found.

I I change the default browser to IE or iCab, they work just fine, but if I switch back to Netscape, I get the same error.

If I click on the Netscape icon itself, it loads and works just fine.

Any ideas?

Andy Pastuszak
Gregory Feb 10, 2000 08:58 AM
Essential Files is suppose to be in the Netscape folder.
pastusza Feb 10, 2000 10:24 AM
Essential Files is there. I just can't figure out why Browse the Internet no longer works. The Netscape Communicator icon launches Netscape just fine.

Andy Pastuszak
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