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The Dude Apr 13, 2001 03:00 AM
New Easter Egg...

It's even in 9.1!

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AlbertWu Apr 13, 2001 03:02 AM
Isnt that XML in the rom file?

caifara Apr 13, 2001 04:14 PM
wow, cool

spicyjeff Apr 14, 2001 04:44 PM

Isnt that XML in the rom file?
No. XML is a markup language. You are seeing hex code for whatever Apple interpreter will execute this code. XML is a very high level language, its not even really a language...its just flags data the same way HTML does but you basically make your own tags for all different types of data.
jgates Apr 18, 2001 01:17 PM
That IS a cool EEgg. How does one go about seeing it?
PeteL999 Apr 18, 2001 01:18 PM
thats sweet
iSilver Apr 18, 2001 06:29 PM
isn't it amazing what you or I (or rather other people ) can do with XML

hmr Apr 18, 2001 07:18 PM
This is an OOOOOOOOOOLD easter egg. I think I remember it from Mac OS 8.1! Yeah, when the ROM started being stored inside the System Folder instead of in that ROM chip.


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