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NDBounce Feb 12, 2000 12:47 AM
Appearance Configuration
Okay here is yet another amature question. I am trying to customize the look of my iBook running OS/9, and I was wondering is anyone out there can help me with the following:

1) In the Appearance Control Panel, I would to use a font which is installed in my iBook for the LARGE SYSTEM FONT, however this font does not appear as one of the choices. It does, however, appear as a choice for the VIEWS FONT (and the DATE & TIME font). Anyone know how to fix this or know of a workaround?

2) Okay, I found these icons I really like and would like to use them instead of the generic folder icon that OS/9 uses as a default. Anyone know how I can
A) replace all existing folder icons with the new one I have without having to go through the painfully long process of copy and paste on eah individual icon?
B) get the icon to be the default icon that appears each time I create a folder (ie each time I hit Apple-N)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry I have such simple questions...I am learning, be patient with me.

gene Feb 12, 2000 04:10 PM
1. Go to . They had a trick some time ago on this issue.

2. You will need to install a third party theme, a kaleidoscope scheme or iControl (do a search on unless you want to modify system files with ResEdit.

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