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NDBounce Feb 12, 2000 01:13 AM
OpenTransport and Contextual Menus
Okay, for those of you who are laughing at all my posts, here is another one for you:

As I've stated before I recently upgraded from a powerbook 145 4/80 to an iBook running OS/9. This a big change from 7.1 So I have some questions (I'm trying to bring myself up to speed as soon as I possibly can).

1) What is OpenTransport? In Laymens terms, what does it do, why do I need it, what can it do for me, yadda yadda.

2) Ditto for Contextual Menus

3) Oh what the heck, lets add Applescript to that. From what little I've read it seems like it create macros, but I am not certain of this, nor am I certain how to use it to create macros.

As always I thank you for your patience and help.
Herr Newton Feb 12, 2000 01:25 AM
Nice to see a humble newbie ;-)

OpenTransport Networking software. Entirely replaces MacTCP and various PPP/SLIP (who knows what SLIP is? Raise your hands) implementations under one, PowerPC native networking architecture. It is the proverbial good thing.

Contextual Menus Control click on something. There ya go. Make it more powerful by getting FinderPop.

AppleScript You're right in thinking it's a macro/scripting language because it is. Many great things can be done with it, though I must admit I haven't even attempted to master the language. (Next scripting language I learn: PHP.) Don't disable it as some applications depend on having AppleScript available.
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