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Maritje Feb 14, 2000 12:02 PM
8.6 on a G4???
Can I run this on my new G4? I'm not liking OS9 too much. Thanks.
Adam Silver Feb 14, 2000 04:12 PM
It should be possible. Early G4s came with 8.6. Take the Mac OS ROM file from the Mac OS 9 system folder and put it in the 8.6 system folder.

Don't expect any support from Apple.
Maritje Feb 14, 2000 04:32 PM
Thanks for the reply. Why would I need to take the Mac OS Rom file from OS9?
BestShot96 Feb 17, 2000 10:56 AM
Originally posted by Maritje:
Can I run this on my new G4? I'm not liking OS9 too much. Thanks.
I bought one of the early G4/400 know as "YIKES". It came with OS 8.6 and I have had no problems. My computer is basically a G3 with a G4 processor chip so there may be a difference with the G4 motherboard units. I have heard nothing good about OS 9.0 so even though I am good for a free (read $20) from the original OS 8.6, I'm not doing anything until they have the bugs fixed.
Adam Silver Feb 17, 2000 06:42 PM
You need the Mac OS ROM file from Mac OS 9 because it the one included in a shrinkwrapped copy of Mac OS 8.6 doesn't support Sawtooth G4s.
representa Feb 17, 2000 07:45 PM
i'm not sure if this will work. you will definitely need the ROM. but the 8.6 that shipped with Yikes! etc. had also a few other, updated extensions needed to support it (like separate "Monitor" and "Sound" control panels). I'm pretty sure there are others. It might not work. Maybe try and figure out which ones need updating/trashing.

Maritje Feb 18, 2000 08:50 AM
After careful consideration and using OS9 for a few days, I've decided to keep using OS9. It hasn't crashed and seems to be very stable. I'd be asking for untold trouble to revert to 8.6. Thanks to all who responded.
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