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pjrgois Feb 16, 2000 09:31 AM
Can't set up File Sharing over TCP/IP
I have tried to set up file sharing over TCP/IP but when I check the answer calls butoon from the answering CP it returns the folowing error message: Answering is enabled only for AppleTalk services. No IP services will be available for remote users (...) Thank you for your time
sentman Feb 16, 2000 02:07 PM
For regular file sharing over ethernet it is not necessary to check this 'answer' box. This means that your computer will listen for someone to call up the modem and will answer and connect to them allowing them to get Appletalk access to your machine.

Your Mac will not do a PPP connect and route IP information so if you connect to your Mac in this way over a modem you will not be able to use TCP through this connection.

This is for dialing INTO your mac.
Paul Huang Feb 20, 2000 12:58 PM
The first post was talking about Mac OS 9.0's TCP/IP File Sharing capability. The catch? Both Computers must have Mac OS 9.0 installed. You must know the host computer's IP address (if the host--the one you wish to access via TCP/IP--is using PPP, which assigns an IP each time you dial up, you must somehow find out the IP address and enter it in the "chooser/appleshare" window"

The second post was referring to Apple Remote Access (ARA), which is completely different from Mac OS 9.0's File sharing over TCP/IP
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