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Cubeoid Apr 15, 2001 02:31 AM
mp3 files dilema
I have recently bought a new cube and am running OS9.1, when I got it I copied some Mp3 files from a CD i made on my old windows machine, when I copied those files on to the hard-disk, they open with Quicktime when doubleclicked, but when I downloaded mp3 files from the web, they open with iToons, whats the deal? I want all my mp3 files to open with iToons regardless where they come from.

Any ideas?
Wasapnin Apr 15, 2001 07:22 AM
Get resedit or Filetyper etc.. to change the creator codes. better still, use soundjam instead of itunes (kerbango is going soon anyway) and set the prefs to change your mp3's creator code to soundjams code..
fisherKing Apr 15, 2001 11:17 AM
go to versiontracker & get iTunes associater, it will change all your mp3s to iTunes files...!
iSilver Apr 15, 2001 06:35 PM
Go to the "Internet" or "File Exchange" control panel, and change the MP3 creator type to whatever program you want your mp3 files to be. Restart and rebuild desktop and all should be as your requested.
Also, some mp3 programs, by default, change the file creator to that of the program playing the mp3, ie, if your file mappings were set to iTunes and you played a mp3 with the Audion mp3 player, Audion would change the creator type (and icon) of the mp3 file to Audion.

Yuri1419 Apr 15, 2001 09:49 PM
The iTunes associator is great! Just drag a folder onto it, and it will dig through all the subfolders and change the creator type to iTunes and give you a little report about how many files it changed. I thought I was gonna have to write an Applescript to do that!
caifara Apr 17, 2001 12:04 PM
I think you can't change creator and type with an applescript, only read the info.

GreenMnM Apr 17, 2001 02:54 PM
Originally posted by caifara:
I think you can't change creator and type with an applescript, only read the info.

Oh, sure you can! AppleScript is just a little weird about it though, it won't let you change a creator code to a specific code, only a variable! Don't ask me why. As long as you specify the creator code as a variable you're just fine:

Copy and paste into ScriptEditor from between the lines:
on open the_folder
set the_folder to the_folder as alias
tell application "Finder"
set the_files to every file of the_folder
end tell
repeat with x in the_files
set c_code to "hook"
tell application "Finder"
set creator type of x to c_code
end tell
end repeat
end open

Save this file as a "classic applet" with "never show startup screen" checked.

When you drop a folder full of MP3s onto this script, it will change everything to iTunes. If you use "SJAM" instead of "hook" you will get SoundJam files. This is a simple script to give you an example, it will not search through or change sub-folders.

fisherKing Apr 17, 2001 03:20 PM
...or iTunes Associater! easy! it's at versiontracker.

"sometimes simple is the best"
Cubeoid Apr 17, 2001 09:09 PM
Thanks for the help guys
caifara Apr 18, 2001 05:47 AM
thanks GreenMnM, didn't know that. I used to try to do that with an applescript, but I couldn't find a way.

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