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MM-o4 Apr 16, 2001 08:10 AM
I am I completely SREWED! HELP!
I really need your help here guys. I have the feelin I am screwed. I have a G4/400/OS9.1. I was using 'Silverlining pro' to format a hardrive in HSF+ format, that went fine. I then did the same to my other hardirve after copying everthing off that to the just formated one.
That also went fine, so I deleted any duplicates I had on the 2 drives, so no backup ( now I feel completely stupid for that).
When I reformatted these drives I selected the option to update the dirver. So I guess that the hardrives are using Lacie drivers, I got this from a menu box at startup 'happy mac' screen, telling me that I am using 'Silverling' drivers. I restarted and rebuilt the desktop file cause some file icons where distorted and last time I rebuilt it, it fixed the problem. Everything was sweet till......
........I put my mac to sleep. When I woke it up it was frozen so I used the restart button. When it booted up agian it said I needed to format one of the hardrives. This is the drive with my documents, the one that is started up form is fine.
The drive that is needed to be 'initalize' is formated and actually has another copy of the system files on it.
So what I was to know is there any possible trick to gettin the drive to show up on the desktop? Putting the drive in a 'windows' machine with a mac drive translator or something, just to get the info off then reformat the drive agian. ( I found a Widows app that would recognise mac formmated drives, but that could just be floppys) I know I am asking the impossible, but all I need is for it to appears once so I can get the data off.
Please let me down genetaly, when you say 'Yeah your screwed'^_^

Thanks guys.
enduser Apr 21, 2001 07:21 PM
Try pressing cancel on the initialization message. The icon will NOT show on the desktop. Then try running Disk First Aid, preferably while booted from CD. It's a long shot but I've seen it work. Worked for me once and has saved maybe 5 customers of mine (out of a few hundred) so the odds aren't great but they are better than nothing.

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Cipher13 Apr 22, 2001 07:59 AM
Your data is fine.

Use DiskWarrior to fix it, and if that doesn't work, your last resort is a brilliant little program called Data Rescue - its a gem, and it'll suck the data out of a HD unless its been run over by a Mack truck.

You can recover the data with that but you shouldn't need to resort to it - I'd say DiskWarrior, by Alsoft, will cure any ailments.

OverclockedHomoSapien Apr 22, 2001 07:09 PM
BTW, don't use silverlining pro on a Mac disk. It is garbage. Lacie makes products that are fit only for the garbage dump, their customer support is misleading and rude. I dealt with them over a CDRW drive of theirs that couldn't burn audio, everytime I called support they sent me on a wild goose chase that didn't do anything to fix the problem. They even wanted me to install silverlining pro HD drivers...for a CDRW drive! I suggest you call them up and bitch somone out, it will make you feel better.

Anyways, the Silverlining pro drivers don't do anything that the Apple drivers cannot do. What do you think Apple ships substandard HD drivers with their macs?
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