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tdominey Apr 16, 2001 02:49 PM
Move 700MB+ File to PC? How?
I've got a 750MB AVI movie clip that I need to move over to a non-networked PC.

It's obviously too large for any CD, though I've thought about possibly breaking it up, and rejoining it on the Wintel side.

What applications can do this? Anyone have experience with this?
iSilver Apr 16, 2001 05:12 PM
couldn't you split the movie into two pieces and them burn each one to CD then reassemble using Quicktime Player Pro.
Randycat2001 Apr 16, 2001 07:55 PM
Maybe you could scoop up a Jaz drive and disk somewhere? You wouldn't have to try hard to convince somebody to part with one these days. An Orb drive would cover you alright on capacity, as well. Then there's always the possibility of using a USB harddrive, if you happen to know somebody with one.

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tdominey Apr 16, 2001 09:53 PM
I'm getting rather elaborate with this stupid thing, trying to create multiple segments using MacRAR and MacZIP. The ZIP part looked like it was going to work, but returned errors on the Windows end. Now I'm trying RAR...ugh...this blows.

Video files unfortunately don't compress that much. It goes from 750MB to about 745MB with Stuffit set to maximum.
Randycat2001 Apr 16, 2001 10:37 PM
Yes, that is the nature of compressed digital video. It is as compressed as it can be already- far more compressed and far more sophisticated than standard lossless, run-length compression of a zip file. Imagine this video file uncompressed. At 700+ MB compressed, this is actually a file that may be as much as 7 GB in size. Had you applied zip compression to that, you would have seen better size reduction (maybe 2:1), but still nowhere close to the 700 MB you are seeing as a lossy, compressed format.

Just curious, does anybody know if compressed video can be file-chopped successfully in a compressed-state? Could this cause problems later on when the files must be joined? Is there any benefit to chopping the file in an uncompressed state (not withstanding the fact you would have as much as 10x more pieces to make and rejoin due to the expanded size). If this is an issue, then perhaps the most efficient approach is to just get a large external HD to transfer the data?

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