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Randycat2001 Apr 17, 2001 12:12 PM
Weird Norton Antivirus behavior
Anybody notice NA start an unscheduled disk scan and then immediately crash the computer at the end of the scan? This happens occasionally to me on 2 different computers so far. Does anybody else out there observe this behavior? What could be the cause?
enduser Apr 27, 2001 09:19 PM
NAV bad. I mean how many viruses are there in the world for mac. I have been using the Mac for 14 years and have never had a virus. Hell, I've never seen one on a PC. NAV and McAffe and all the others are just extraneous extensions that can crash your machine.

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yoyo52 Apr 28, 2001 04:09 PM
If you use floppies or zip disks that have had unprotected intercourse with labs, in schools or elsewhere, an antivirus app is essential. NAV is more instrusive than other antivirus apps, but it's also pretty thorough. In fact, I feel pretty uneasy because I'm running X and have no antivirus protection.

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enduser Apr 28, 2001 04:38 PM
I still don't see the need for an antivirus program. I have worked for Apple, Schools and now with the largest ISP in my town and have yet to run across a virus. Everytime I have encountered a customer who thought he had a virus, it ended up just having a system conflict. However, I do forsee issues with MacOS X because there are already more viruses for BSD and therefore a greater potential for X. With common sense it is hard to contract a mac virus and frankly the only time I have found Mac Viruses have been when I actually went looking for them.

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DocWest Apr 29, 2001 07:51 PM
The only viruses i've ever had in my 13 or so years have been harmless desktop viruses on floppies for my Mac Plus.

but i have norton antivirus on my imac.
I dont have it scheduled or anything, that's just bloody annoying. and buggy. I think it has an extension (?), anyway, if it has, i've disabled it.
i run it once a month, probably less.

but i figure with my luck, the day i take it off, i'll get a bloody virus.
so it can just stay there.

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