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RedJack Apr 19, 2001 08:29 PM
Application menu and control strip alternatives
OK, I'm looking for an extension/control panel that I lost when I reformatted my hard drive. It put an icon for each open program in the toolbar that you could click on to select. I miss this, anybody know where I can get a new copy?

As to the control strip, I use it just enough to warrant its existence, but it still annoys me to have it taking up space on my iBook's screen, there's just no space to waste, so I need alternatives. Perhaps it can be turned vertical, or maybe a pulldown menu to take its place, any other ideas?
OverclockedHomoSapien Apr 19, 2001 11:43 PM
Sounds like TaskMenuBar:

If not, then this is worth trying out anyways. I'm so ga-ga over this little app that Hugh Kawahara made me his bitch. hehe, not really, but I'm always hoeing around for his little creation.

I really wish Apple had been able to figure out something this good for OS X. TMB is so far superior to the Dock it may as well be from Star Trek. It's always visible, always out of the way, and the coolest part is that when you switch and want to hide, say, for the finder, you just double-click and TMB does the switcheroo/hidden thing at the same time! 15 years and Apple never thought of this! Well it's almost as good as freeze-dried dogsh!t....I suppose it won't do EVERYTHING you need, but it's the perfect supplement to the Apple menu.
tonton Apr 20, 2001 05:41 AM
Thanks, Homo Sapien Dude!

I was looking for a way to put the Control Strip and Application Switcher in the menu bar!

There are many, many bugs, though.

Starting up is REALLLY SLOOOW.
"Long" control strip modules don't work (Battery Meter).
Certain CSMs only work if the CS is enabled (Keychain Access).
Certain CSMs don't work at all (FaxControl).
Some CSMs crash the whole computer (QuitCSM).
If you click on the clock in the menu bar to display the date, some icons are obscured, and don't come back, then randomly flash on/off in a very annoying way. This may be because I'm running Menuette, but if I want so many CSMs in my menu, Menuette is vital because it greatly saves menubar space.

Also, some features are lacking, like separators.

Other than that, the idea was exactly what I'm looking for. Hope the next revision works out the bugs!
tonton Apr 20, 2001 06:07 AM
Okay, I read the FAQ and the clock problem occurred because I was using a Theme, and can be fixed by unclicking "Automatic" and moving the whole business to the left. Now I just wish it could show a graph of my battery level!
caifara Apr 20, 2001 03:14 PM
wow baby, I really like this program!

when I use the sound control strip the entire control strip appears at the bottom of my screen (everything white), do you know what the problem is?
OverclockedHomoSapien Apr 20, 2001 07:38 PM
TMB isn't buggy on my system but I don't use any other shareware GUIs and no Kaliedascope themes. If I click on the clock it moves the icons to the left for the date, then back again when the time reappears. It loads fast and all, but I never tried using it with CSMs...sounds interesting though.

Actually I had a bug once, with M$ Powerpoint. But after upgrading to OS 9.1, and updating TMB to the new version for OS 9.1, this bug was resolved.

tonton Apr 20, 2001 10:14 PM
Without CSM support, it's already a fantastic program. No more Application Switcher! No more obscured widgets and Photoshop info readouts!

With CSM support, it's absolutely brilliant!!!

This current release was the first release with CSM support, so I'm sure Hugh will gradually work out the bugs...

And he's got dividers on his wish list.

I'll definitely be registering this one.
tonton Apr 20, 2001 10:25 PM
Originally posted by OverclockedHomoSapien:
TMB isn't buggy on my system but I don't use any other shareware GUIs and no Kaliedascope themes.
All the bugs seem CSM and theme related. Can't find a single bug that's not.

I don't use Kaleidoscope. I use "Dimple" which is perfect for my TiBook. It's a third-party Apple Appearance Manager theme. (Kaleidoscope sets are called "Schemes".)

Themes are a great thing to have around, though they occasionally do cause slight cosmetic bugs. Unfortunately Apple is trying to kill them once and for all. Dimple was created with help from the Mac Themes Project, which was served with a C&D order from Apple last week. It does not contain a single piece of Apple proprietary art or code, so Apple should f#ck off and let us continue customizing our Macs. Next thing you know, Apple will serve Hugh with a C&D because Steve wants a clean menu bar. What a complete @ss.
RedJack Apr 20, 2001 11:53 PM
Ahhhhh, that's the program Thanks much Homo Sapien. Hmmm, didn't realise it handles control strips, this is something to look at, in the past I'd only used it to replace the application switcher/menu(now if I could just claim back that little bit of space now that its not needed).
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