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WDL Apr 20, 2001 06:33 PM
Att: Canadians - 9.1 CD
The 9.1 CD arrived in the mail today (2 months since ordering).

Opened the package to find the French version of everything - CD, Install Instructions, Coupons.

Calling the toll free number on the package connects you to a robot at some Apple Order centre
(who knows where) that feeds you a numeric menu with about six different choices - once you get
past these, you get the familiar,

"All of our representatives are busy assisting other customers - please stay on the line for the next
available representative."

After a fifteen minute wait, the line reconnects to a busy signal, and the game starts again. Tried this
four times with same result. Fortunately I could use my speaker phone while I did other things, so I
wasn't sitting there with the phone in my hand.

Does this relate to anyone else's experience?

Will call the regular Apple number on Monday to reach a humanoid and find out what's going on.

AppleScript Apr 21, 2001 12:40 AM
I got my 9.1 CD a couple of days ago(3 months after ordering.) It was the english version.

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