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toolman Apr 25, 2000 07:06 PM
Moving to MacOS 8.6 from 7.6.1
Any good references for sites that
detail this transition?

Gotchas and other things to watch out

Looking to do this on an older powermac
5200/CD w/64mb of ram and 750mb hard drive

Need the newer OS to run a couple of critical

thanks in advance
wlonh Apr 25, 2000 07:14 PM
run diagnostic/repair utils on the HD, backup the HD and reinitialize it, install 8.6 (do you have the 8.6 CD, or the 8.5 CD and the downloaded 8.6 update? makes a slight difference in procedure), run diagnostic/repair utils to check the new installation

and always use TechTool 1.2.1 freeware to rebuild your desktop and zap PRAM when/if necessary
toolman Apr 26, 2000 11:24 AM
I've got the 8.5.1 retail version of
MacOS then the updater to 8.6 dloaded
and burned onto a CD

I think the biggest hurdle will be
getting the other stuff that I had
installed on the machine back in place
(printer drivers, network card drivers,
modem drivers et. al)

The internal modem is pathetically slow
but it only used for faxing and voice mail
I think the supplied Megaphone sware breaks
with 8.5 (no biggie) but not so sure about
support for the teleport modem under 8.5

at any rate, burned an entire image of the
boot drive as backup

thanks for the advice

best regards


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