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Mastrap Apr 4, 2002 03:56 PM
OS9 startup and Disk Warrior problems

I've posted this on MacMinute as well, so if you're a regular there please forgive the spam.

Here's my problem:

I run a 600/384 iBook DVD. Most of the time I am in X (10.1.3) but occasionally I use 9.2, especially when I am in Germany and want to listen to the BBC via REAL player.
I was starting up classic when I got a system error at the very end of the startup process. The message was an "error 127" with the usual bomb icon. On clicking restart the message changed to "address error" I then had to force quit 9.2. I started my Mac into 9.2 natively, i.e. not into classic mode, and had the same problem.Restarted using the power button. There was no message telling me my Mac had been shut down etc and no repairs were made. Again, "error 127" and bomb.
Tried startup with all extensions disabled. No luck, same problem.
Started from installer CD which was fine. Dumped MacOS and System preferences. No dice.
Run disk first aid which could not find anything wrong.

Went online and bought and downloaded DiskWarrior.

DiskWarrior needs to start from a CD to make any repairs. I won't get my hands on this CD for weeks because it is being air-mailed from the US.

I am loosing my grip on reality here :eek:


Is there any way to create a bootable CD with my downloaded version of disk warrior on? Don't forget, I cannot access System 9 in any way.

Can I just dump 9.2? And re-install it? Will that totally screw my X settings? Is this possible? Is this a stupid question?

All hints gratefully received.

Many thanks

jtc Apr 4, 2002 09:16 PM
When you boot from the installer CD can you create a ram disk? you could put DW on it so you can repair the HD.
Mastrap Apr 5, 2002 12:37 AM
Originally posted by jtc:
<STRONG>When you boot from the installer CD can you create a ram disk? you could put DW on it so you can repair the HD.</STRONG>
I tried creating a ram disk - but don't laugh, I then can't find it. It is created and then nowhere to be seen. This might have something to do with my total inexperience when it comes to creating these things.
Fredo Apr 7, 2002 02:27 PM
Have you tried finding your ram disk using Sherlock?
Just a guess.
Mastrap Apr 8, 2002 06:56 AM
Originally posted by Fredo:
<STRONG>Have you tried finding your ram disk using Sherlock?
Just a guess.</STRONG>
Yep. No dice. Anyone got any ideas on how to get my Classic back without wiping my HD? Please? :confused:
chris.p Apr 12, 2002 07:24 PM
heres a few things that might help

disk worrior needs to be on any disk apart from the one you are repairing- i take it you are on 1 partition, but if you have access to a zip or external drive, that will do. or, you can create a bootable disk by making a disk image (about 300mb) and installing os9 (the same vers. you are running) onto that- toast will make it bootable. then copy dik warrior onto that, and you have the same as you ordered. it does require a 3rd party app, and another computer, but you might have these, i dont know. or how about just booting from your cd, and just over writing the system files? it wont destroy your files, and normally? fixes the os- or gets it to a state you can boot from.
Cipher13 Apr 13, 2002 05:04 AM
Delete the Finder Preferences, Finder, System, and System Preferences files, and replace them.

Repair the disk by burning a bootable disk in Toast as described above, if just deleting those files doesn't fix it.
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