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palws Apr 22, 2000 04:34 AM
programs/apps on desktop?
Hi.I've seen people disply their desktops with all kinds of programs,etc.Now I'm aware that to have them readily available is much faster to get too.
It seems to me though,if you're not planing on using any of them,you would keep a nice clean desktop.Nothing to distract you.

Now wouldn't that keep you're mind focused.
Have a good Easter weekend folks
<font face=Times color=maroon size=3>Bill</font>

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Raven Apr 22, 2000 04:52 AM
It's just a different strokes type thing pawls. I'm a neat and tidy desktop guy myself.
I also use the Go Mac utility.

garrettnelson Apr 22, 2000 10:53 AM
I personally like the function keys as my way of accessing common programs/files/folders/etc. Also, if you add an alias of your HD to the Apple Menu, you can access things easily (but only so many folders deep).

You can assign functions keys in the Keyboard control panel.
Wetsponge Apr 22, 2000 12:54 PM
Be Hierarchic is a great utility, and the problem of accessing the hd alias so many deep has been crushed. now one can browse one's hd as deep as one would like, or can.
RockLord Apr 22, 2000 03:58 PM
I tend to agree as well. I like a nice clean desktop, and I use a conbination of the control strip and a pop up window of my Favorites folder for all my sytem controls and program access. The tear-off application switcher strip is put into use when I have several things running at once.

And I never use that Launcher or any un-necessary icons on my desktop. Too much clutter.

Might be different if I had a G4 with a Cinema Display though......
Simon Kornblith Apr 22, 2000 04:18 PM
I'm WAY to messy to keep a clean desktop, but I would like to. The problem is that whenever I download something or make a new document, I'm in a hurry and don't worry about putting it in the right place, and end up with a full desktop on my 1280x1024 display. I should really clean my desktop now I guess I'll try favorites, a "downloads" folder, and perhaps use a folder for "unsorted documents".

Simon Kornblith
Computer Consultant
wlonh Apr 22, 2000 04:45 PM
things i use to keep things orderly and easy to access: FinderPop (no need to alias your HD to Apple Menu, maximizes usage of contextual menus), ApplWindows (great appswitching capabilities), Navi iRae (displays pathway in titlebar of window), StripLaunch (a control strip launcher), the MacOS Favorites folder, and i put a folder named Accessories in the Apple Menu Items folder and have that loaded up with misc. accessories, go figure... oh, and a fave little widget is Zoomie, a handy little item for keeping the cursor hovering over the windowzoom box when sizing a window

it just occurred to me that this shouldbe in the MacOS and Sys softw forum, transferring...

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Don Foy Apr 22, 2000 08:58 PM
I try to keep a clean desktop by using DragThing, which is like a bunch of aliases in windows that are switchable. Everything is neat and tidy and hideable, but you can hit a hot corner and, BOOM, there it all is again. I've never had any trouble with this program, using it at work in a fast-paced, high intensity publishing environment.
lycaon Apr 23, 2000 03:00 AM
Combination of Drop Drawers and popup windows, here, to keep everything tidy. LOTS of tabs on every side of my screen, though.
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