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Chris_G Feb 16, 2000 01:22 AM
iBook and RAM
So I was looking at Apple's site, checking out pictures of the new iBook, and I saw that Apple claims you can shove 320 MB of RAM into the new iBook. Since the 64 MB they are inserting is non-removable... does that mean a 256 MB SO-RAM chip will fit into the current (32 MB base) iBook? Does anyone make a 256 MB low profile chip? Or can the newer iBooks accept regular SO-RAM? Any ideas? Just wondering.

NigelLuv Feb 20, 2000 02:14 AM
I highly doubt that the old iBooks will take a 256 chip. The new 64 meg chip and new ram slot will be different than ours and adding a 256meg chip would not work. 160 megs is a lot though so not a big deal. ~~Nigel
drewman Feb 20, 2000 01:33 PM
The 64MB of RAM is soldered onto the motherboard and the slot is exactly the same. I believe that 256MB modules will work fine in the iBook - they just were not available when the iBook was introduced.

If someone wants to send me a 256MB module to check in my iBook - I'll gladly try it.

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