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CCWong Feb 11, 2000 03:55 PM
DSL, Ethernet, TCP/IP problems
Hi all,

I have a Beige G3 266 and have had Pacbell DSL for a little over a year. I recently upgraded to OS9 and my DSL was working fine for about a month. Then, it started acting very erratically, I was losing my connection for what appeared to be no reason at all. I did all the usual stuff, trash prefs, restart, reinstalled the tcp/ip drivers (everything short of doing a complete clean install of OS9) and may get connectivity for a few minutes but that's it. Then everything cuts out. I know it's not the DSL because I'm using it on my PBK 1400c/166 to write this now. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

wlonh Feb 11, 2000 04:04 PM
have you upgraded Open Transport? see if you have version 2.6
tooki Feb 11, 2000 04:08 PM
Try this. I have seen this help often:

usually for DSL etc, the TCP/IP settings are:

Connection: Ethernet
Configure: Using DHCP Server

1. Set both menus to anything else, such as

Connection: PPP
Configure: Using PPP server

then close the TCP/IP control panel

2. open the TCP/IP control panel and set it back to the previous settings and close the control panel

See if it works.

Also, check your cable. Ethernet cables go bad.


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CCWong Feb 11, 2000 04:18 PM
Thanks for the advice

I have upgraded to OT 2.6... the funny thing is that after I upgraded, my DSL worked for about 12-14 hours (overnight) but then went down in the morning. Also, I should mention that the Pacbell DSL documentation has me configure my TCP/IP settings manually and I have a static IP address (at least I think so because I enter my own IP address). Oh yeah... I have checked the cables also.

iMacMan Feb 14, 2000 09:32 PM
Same thing happens with my cable modem service. Putting the computer to sleep kills the connection too.
drewman Feb 15, 2000 12:14 AM
Make sure that you have Advanced turned on in User Mode under Edit. Then click on Options in the bottom right hand corner.

Then see if "Active only when needed" is checked or unchecked. It should be unchecked so it is loaded all the time.

CCWong Feb 15, 2000 04:06 AM
Thanks to all who replied....

I feel that I should post an update of my situation... I talked to Apple Tech Support the other day... and basically told them about all the problems I had and about the three pages of notes that I took while doing all my troubleshooting (switching cables/clean install/file sharing etc.) Basically, the guy had me take out all my PCI cards and remove all my peripherals to get the system as "stock" as possible. The ethernet connection still didn't work (there was no 10Base-T LED on my DSL modem). Then... he told me that I had reached the "end of the line" and my only options were to do a "Kuda" restard of the logic board (something I've never heard of) or to replace the entire board itself. Needless to say, I don't want to spend an extra $1,500 for a new logic board. So basically, I sacrificed gaming (my Voodoo 3 card) for a ethernet card and it's working fine now. But I still want to figure out what's wrong with my system. Any suggestions are welcome.

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