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santa Apr 19, 2000 09:53 AM
Update 8.1 with parts of 9.0.4? - Carbon lib etc
I saw in the Carbon Lib docs a mention of how it will also install a new Navigation Services if it is run to update System 8.1. What other updates from current System software would apply to 8.1. I can think of Appleshare updates, and then I realize there are a lot of potential updates I am not aware of. Can anyone point me to a source at Apple for a direct answer to this specific question? Or answer it succinctly?
Darkshadow Apr 20, 2000 12:05 PM
I copied the Appleshare chooser extension from MacOS 9 to my 8.1 computer to give my access to Appleshare IP volumes.

Works fine, hasn't given me any problems.
Cipher13 Apr 20, 2000 09:52 PM
You were probably lucky with the APpleShare thing then - I copied a couple of files from OS 9 to my 8.5 machine, and wouldn't you know it some things wouldn't work anymore - it seems one of the files I copied changed the creator and type of the AppleScript extensions. I had to change the creators back to the original ones before they worked again. That doesn't make much sense, I know. But be careful to take note of exactly what you copy over, so it makes it easier to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

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