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exa Apr 17, 2000 08:31 PM
Just wondering, is there any way (besides restarting the computer) or are there any programs that defragment your RAM and reacquire your lost ram?
wlonh Apr 19, 2000 07:20 AM
you can_try_Finder's Friend and/or MacOS Purge
Gregg Apr 19, 2000 01:32 PM
Mac OS Purge will free up RAM that the processor is holding on to after an application has been closed. Last I knew, this usefull little utility was free. I know I got my copy for free. Try it. It works.

bluesea Apr 20, 2000 12:23 PM
Mac OS Purge never completely worked for me, but quiting the Finder did. Any pros and cons on quiting the Finder as opposed to restarting?
PatrickF Apr 20, 2000 06:39 PM
MacOS purge never worked for me under MacOS 8.1 or later. Quitting the Finder 2 times may work, but it is usually useless whith Netscape or when the system has loaded to many shared libs.
A new app (Loaded) claims to defrag memory but it doesn't work either on my computer.
You can find more info and a download link here:
MacFixIt forum: Loaded! and memory fragmentation

Be also sure to download Memory Mapper 1.5 (67k) to monitor your memory fragmentation.
wlonh Apr 20, 2000 06:48 PM
migawd, Loaded sure is just that... it is a 1.2M d/l

for defragging memory? nope, next!?!

and Gadget software is a bit of a sketchy outfit from what i've read
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