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JamesKass Apr 10, 2000 10:42 PM
DVD Problem (DVSE/8.6/DV vers. 2.0)
Anyone know how to cure the DVD Player version 2.0? Its giving me a message stating that the app can't find the DVD extensions, even though I've re-installed the darned thing three times. Any help would be great. Thanks! -- James

James Kass (no, the other one...)
iPaul UK Apr 11, 2000 07:20 PM
The DVD software that comes with iMacs running OS 8.6 is useless anyway. Unless anyone knows different, the only way to get decent quality DVD use is to pay Apple yet more money so that you can upgrade your OS to 9.0.4, and download DVD 2.2 while your at it. Unfortunately, DVD 2.2 will NOT run with OS 8.6
JamesKass Apr 15, 2000 02:14 AM
I used my SW Restore disk to restore all the system software. (luckily I made a copy of my sytem file first!) That seemed to do the trick.

The only thing I would've lost had I not done the copy of the system file were my Netscape and IE Bookmarks. Gotta love that restore disk!

Anyway, it put 2.0b back on my drive, and I'll have to make due with that. I'm not too eager to get OS9 until I absolutely have to. The features aren't all that important to me. Besides, DVD players are becoming so cheap, that the novelty of watching on my iMac DVSE is wearing off. They're as low as $179 in this area, and just as functional as the Apple player.

James Kass (no, the other one...)
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