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Sue Apr 13, 2000 12:08 AM
Blessing a System Folder
How do you "bless" a system folder? I read somewhere that your double click on the finder icon and that should do it but I can't make that work. (System 7.6).
Art D Apr 13, 2000 02:13 AM

1) Start up your computer from your OS CD.
2) Open (double-click) the System Folder on your hard disk.
3) Double-click the System (suitcase) file.
4) After the System suitcase opens, close it again.
5) Close the System Folder.

If that doesn't work, try this:

1) Start up your computer from your OS CD.
2) Drag the System (suitcase) file out of the System Folder to another location on your hard disk.
3) Close the System Folder.
4) Now, drag and drop the System file back onto the closed System Folder.

Hope this helps,

oscar Apr 13, 2000 02:24 AM
Art D hadit mostly right, just the wrong file.
Drag out the finder from the system folder. Notice how all the custom folder icons disapperaed. Now drag the finder back into the system folder (notice there back)

-See Yea!

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Sue Apr 13, 2000 08:57 AM
Thanks guys - I'll try your suggestions and see if it solves my problems - If not I'll have to post a complete description of my troubles and see if anyone can help.
wlonh Apr 13, 2000 09:09 AM
i believe it's called 'resetting the system boot blocks', it happens when you move the Finder to the desktop...

please correct me if i am wrong, oscar...
slboett Apr 13, 2000 02:14 PM
That is correct. Also, you can get Conflict Catcher - it has an option to choose which system folder your Mac boots with.
Also, also, there is an old utility called "System Picker" which will allow you to pick System folders.
I'll place the latter in my idisk: "thebeatles"

Art D Apr 13, 2000 02:59 PM

Actually, I've seen times when the System Folder can be re-blessed by simply opening and closing the folder, without removing anything. That being the case, I'm sure removing the Finder as you suggested would often work. However, both Apple and Ted Landau (Sad macs, Bombs, and other Disasters) recommend opening (or removing and replacing) the "System Suitcase" file to bless the System Folder. See the following Apple TIL articles:


Sue..... good luck with your problem, it really doesn't matter which procedure you use as long as it works. Right?


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Blobby Apr 14, 2000 12:10 AM
I agree removing and replacing the Finder is the simplest method of reblessing and rebuilding boot blocks. Sometimes it won't bless when replacing the System file until opening and closing a couple of folders.
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