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Wayne Schlegel May 19, 1999 09:00 AM
OS 8.6 - NG
Not too happy. OS 8.5 was such a peach to install. Days later after installing 8.6 it's still locking up and not even starting up at times. I advise against 8.6. I am an experienced user and I am having more glitches than I have seen in a long time with this OS version!


Wayne Schlegel May 20, 1999 12:22 PM
5/20 UPDATE....
Had to do a CLEAN install of 8.5 from the CD then an 8.5.1 update. All is back to normal. Expect when you talk to Apple. Decided to order the 8.6 CD and a 2-4 week wait. WHY do they make it so difficult. Will do a clean install to 8.6 from that CD when I receive it. FYI - Apple WWW site I visited yesterday for bug reports, etc. on 8.6 NEWER and BETTER info. exists right here! Also easier to find thing!! BEST OF LUCK ALL!


Mater_Tenebrarum May 20, 1999 01:50 PM
I did the worst possible 8.6 install. I have outdated HD drivers from FWB, I have lots of control panels & extensions, and I didn't clean install 8.5 prior to updating and I have had no problems with 8.6. Everything worked the first time.
Riddler May 20, 1999 02:17 PM
Me too, I just updated 8.5.1 and it's fine. I'd suggest leaving VM off, it seems to be the cause of a few crashes.

I'm happy ;-)
porterh May 20, 1999 07:50 PM
Wayne, I share your frustration with the release process. If AOL can stuff my mailbox three times a week with a CD, why can't Apple do it once a year for its existing user base?

I didn't, however, have a similar installation experience. Upgrading actually cleared up some really annoying problems. The only minor glitch was that after upgrade, the modem setting was pointed at my Keyspan PDA adapter instead of the internal 56k.

goldengoose May 20, 1999 08:27 PM
Is it possible for a computer to grow accustomed to a new OS ?

MY 6500 225 was giving me all kinds of problems, mainly related to IE 4.5. I did the clean install thing after that and things seemed to improve but I was still having problems. then one day...A few days ago, I noticed that the machine was not crashing anymore ? Now it seems to be running just as nicely as it did on system 8.1. Never used 8.5.1...I upgraded to that on my way to 8.6 but made the complete jump through it.

Perhaps my MAC just had to get used to talking to a Smoother Operator ?

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