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Keda Feb 17, 2000 10:21 AM
Wheres 9.1?
Or 9.0.3, whatever. Where is it? I thought Apple was going to release it when the new PBs came out.

Any news?
GORDYmac Feb 22, 2000 04:16 PM
I believe all of the talk about Minuet was rumor. I believe Apple has made maintenance updates obselete with the Software Update Control Panel. In the past 5 weeks, I have had my system software updated each time I have run the updater. I would recommend running it, and taking rumors with a bigger grain of salt.

I could be wrong, though I doubt it.
wlonh Feb 23, 2000 11:39 PM
if minuet (9.1 or 9.01 or WHATever) is vaporware, i'd be very surprised... and VERY disappointed. Angry, you might even say.

i have been on vacation and therefore somewhat intentionally 'out of the loop', i was hoping the upgrade (free) would be available when i came home from vacation...

hopefully SOON the wait will be over.

tjs Feb 24, 2000 06:31 AM
Got another iBook yesterday for a friend...the SE one. Interestingly, it has 9.0.2 on it. I am thinking about using this OS on my 'old' Blueberry iBook.

Adam Silver Feb 24, 2000 01:24 PM
I wouldn't reccomend that. The new iBook is not the same as the old one. At best, it will work but you will not get any support from Apple.
GORDYmac Feb 24, 2000 01:34 PM
Trust me, based on what has been posted, use the SW update CP.
wlonh Feb 24, 2000 01:48 PM
'trust me' he says...

like i should discount what i have read from developers posting to such august websites as this very one here and macintouch and macfixit... and other sources posting to other NON-rumor sites regarding the inevitablility of a MacOS 9.xx becoming available...

and your credentials are?

i have virtually no trouble using MacOS 9, the only problem i have is with AIM... it hangs at quit sometimes and must be forced to quit though the 'hang' never freezes my Mac.

i have applied all the appropriate updates from Apple and yet there remains the VERY troublesome aspect of the Temp Items not being disgorged by MacOS 9 at restart as they were in all previous iterations of MacOS since maybe 7.5.1 (gawd awful OS, that one), they were the famous "Rescued items" you'd sometimes get in the trash upon restart...

and MacOS 9 has some pretty horrid memory leaks yet, i believe that MacOS 9 on MY Mac is_somewhat_leakier than was MacOS 8.6

AND SO, Apple should address these issues and must do so at a much lower system level than what could be accomplished through using the Software Update cdev to update a few widgets.

I want 9.1 (or whatever #) and i want it pronto.
Misha Feb 24, 2000 02:11 PM
And what exactly is 9.x supposed to fix other than machine-specific issues like the DVD AudioSync problem with iMac DVs?

I personally have no problems with OS 9... I don't see what they could really fix. More stable? faster? I doubt it... there's not really one universal problem with OS 9 on all machines...

Oh, and I certainly wouldn't run OS 9.0.2 from your friend's iBook SE on your iBook. If that copy of 9.0.2 did more than just allow the SE to function, you can bet that Apple would have posted it.

I remember about 5-8 years ago the Macs at the IT department where I worked had all sorts of cool "System Enabler xxx" files. I had no clue what these were, but I figured since they had "System" and "Enable" in their name that they'd only enable my System to be better... little did I realize that these files were only there so that the Mac OS would work with the newer and older hardware. Suffice to say, the System Folder on my Performa 630 was soon crowded with all sorts of System Enablers for 25 MHz 030s to 50 MHz 040s... and believe me, it caused plenty of problems for my Mac.
wlonh Feb 24, 2000 02:21 PM
seems to me i read a post at macintouch to the effect that there would be some nanokernel improvement done in MacOS 9.xx, remotely similar to what was done in 8.6... wasn't it 8.6 that got the new nanokernel?

anyway, since i don't have any USB or DVD issues, i am selfishly concerned with what to me are deeper system issues i'd like to see improved. and who's to say that users that have had less than lustrous experiences with the Apple updates for DVD and USB issues wouldn't find that these Apple fixes became more robust after a nice little 'underhaul' of MacOS 9

yeah, i know... MacOS X, etc...
GORDYmac Feb 25, 2000 01:58 PM
8.5 to 8.6 is one thing, but 9.0 to 9.0.2 or 3? C'mon, these are obviously maintenance releases. What's the point of having a SW update CP, if not to address these?

Following that logic, Apple's servers would get hits via the CP, and get hits via a 20+ MB download request. Most people would probably do both, which wastes money and time.

As for my previous post, and the flamed response: I digress, trust common sense.

wlonh Feb 25, 2000 02:01 PM
see that i said REMOTELY SIMILAR??

as in 'only just somewhat' similar, implying once again that perhaps just perhaps Apple will/can do more than just update a few widgets??


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wlonh Mar 1, 2000 10:45 AM
from macfixit today:
"Erik Lasiewski writes: "My school just received a shipment of iMac DV's. About half of them have OS 9.0.3 installed, the rest, 9.0."

As it stands now, Mac OS 9.0.1 was never released to the public. Mac OS 9.0.2 ships with the FireWire PowerBooks and the new Power Mac G4's. And Mac OS 9.0.3 is starting to ship with the iMacs. We have no word of any new OS on the iBooks as yet.

Meanwhile, the big question is: When will Mac OS 9.0.3 be released as a general update for all Mac OS 9.0 users? We still have no official word, but it should be sometime this month."

oscar Mar 4, 2000 02:51 AM
To complicate matters, apple posted Minuet 9.0.4f3 on its seed servers a few days ago. I'd suspect that it will be released under that or 9.0.5, and will be obtained through the software update control panel.

-See Yea!
Misha Mar 4, 2000 10:49 AM
I'd assume that Apple will release the update as Mac OS 9.1, or you can imagine there will be a lot of people asking "How come I wasn't told about Mac OS 9.0.1-9.0.4?"
Keda Mar 4, 2000 01:30 PM
At this point, I dont see that many outstanding issues w/OS9. I dont have DVD, but my girl does and it seems OK.

I would expect 9.1 to take care of the icon problem(I know its a small thing). Mainly, I would like to be able to download all the bug fixes in a single package. I finally got around to upgrading my home machine to 9, I had saved some of the updates, but still had to spend alot of time on dnlds.
Gregory Mar 4, 2000 02:31 PM
I've got 25MB of updates Apple issued for my system (QT 4.1 etc, nothing DVD or iMac or G4) BW/g3. Two updates to that Software Update and couple attempts at Audio Update.

Software Update is far from perfect and I do too many installs/reinstalls to want to rely on even 112k dual-modem to deal with "live" updating. Netscape Live Update? Joke. Apple is playing catch-up to Dell and Compaq and Gateway.

OS 9 does need some rework. Didn't I read that some of the code in 9.01 had to be so totally rewritten to clean it up and ended up with new revision even of 9.02.

If they would issue a CD ($19 ea. what I paid for OS 8.6 Upgrade CD - AND - a full 8.6 CD) that also includes say IE 5.0 and Netscape 5.

And a major fix for some problems with AppleWorks 6.

Having to have a new OS version for each hardware? I think Clones disciplined Apple, can you imagine if Windows 2000 needed update for device drivers or new hardware? Yet Apple does.

I'm glad to see IBM chip-ing in. And bringingn out Linux boxes with PPC.

dustin5 Mar 8, 2000 10:27 PM
I just updated my DVSE at home with a SSW 9.0.2 disc from a freshly arrived G4/500 at work. Lots of stuff got updated, including ATI drivers and yes, DVD 2.1. Interestingly Sound Manager went from 3.6.3 to 3.6.1 with the 9.0.2 update. Running the infamous SU control panel wanted to take DVD back to 2.0 and Sound Manager to 3.6.3.
Lint Mar 15, 2000 08:53 AM
I have to agree that using the SW update CP is not a viable method of distrubiting an update like 9.1. I have a number of customers to hold off on installing sys 9 until the update comes out because of outstanding and newly discovered problems. Many of these persons are on god awful slow phone lines. Burning a cd for these ppl is the only viable alternative for these people.
Kwkemrt Mar 15, 2000 06:45 PM
Not only that, my Software Update CP won't even work. I've tried every suggestion anyone's ever made, but it still doesn't work. 9.1'd better be downloadable and it'd better fix Software Update.
birdman Mar 18, 2000 11:13 AM
I too have been wondering whatever happened to the supposed "Minuet" release. I have friends who are waiting for the update before they will install OS 9, simply because they have OS 8.6 which is very stable on their machines. I check the software update control panel almost everyday (DSL connection here), and there haven't been any updates for me for weeks (and the last one was IE 4.5.1, not an OS fix).

On my iMac DV, OS 9 has always (as in, since I opened the box the frist time) had a problem with automaticaly-quitting applications. For example, if I double-click a disk image, ShrinkWrap starts up and mounts the disk, then ShrinkWrap automatically quits. But instead of quitting, the computer crashes. Same thing happens when I go to restart/shut down and I have apps running; it crashes when it tries to quit the open apps. Since Remote Access is an application, if I'm connected to my ISP at shutdown, the computer will crash as it tries to quit RA. Stuffit Expander, which also does the automatic quit like ShrinkWrap, seems to be the exception and does not crash.

The computer also likes to crash -- SOMETIMES (not all the time, I don't get what the trick is) -- when I insert or eject disks (usually the Finder will unexpectedly quit, then go through a cycle of quittings until it finally crashes). I've had the computer crash with all types of removable media possible on my machine: floppy, zip, cd, cd-r, disk images, I think even a dvd once. And that's just inserting/ejecting a disk! But like I said, it only happens sometimes, so I always cross my fingers and save my work before inserting a disk (the floppy drive especially seems to have this problem -- came free with my iMac from ClubMac).

I certainly hope that whatever Apple comes out with addresses these issues; hopefully it's not just an extension conflict, because I need all of the extensions that I have turned on. But like I said, both of the above problems have been occuring since I opened the box, even before I installed anything (aside from the floppy and zip software). And I certainly hope Apple doesn't just wait for OS X to come out to fix these things.


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Linda Mar 18, 2000 12:11 PM

"(aside from the floppy and zip software)". You just named your own problem.

Driver support for Iomega disks is built into OS 9. I believe you don't need to install any "extra" Iomega stuff. There are lots of problems with the current version of Tools in terms of compatibility with OS 9.

good luck,

Gregory Mar 18, 2000 04:39 PM

Have you added RAM? Done a clean swipe of hard drive and reinstall? Next to impossible to do backups (Ethernet is faster than USB), but if your problems are typical - and iMacs seem to have lots - I'd say you have a paper weight there.

IE crashes I've learned to delete lots of stuff. AW6 however has left lots of impossible to find damage from a single simple crash or freeze or dropping into MacsBug.

There has been an Apple TIL referencing "prior to 9.1" or something, and I fully expect a 9.1...

which is probably in same status of IE 5's "ADN." Sure would like to see BOTH on $20 update CD, cable modem or not, I'd like to have ONE fully integrated installer of ALL the updated crap that's come out in last five months since OS 9.

Greg Mar 20, 2000 04:12 PM
I cant beleive the amount of complaints here about Mac OS 9 and the Gx Series. I have Loaded my aging but "still gets the job done" PM6500 with OS 9 and wifes and daughter's iMacs and have had not on problem even remotly close to what you fine folks here are describing. It almost makes me want to cancel my G4/500 order. I also DL'd a Script from Apple in reference to the Temp Floder issue. cant remember the URL but I have the script if anyone wants it.
wlonh Mar 20, 2000 05:17 PM
G4 troubles are likely due to NewWorld ROM and OpenFirmware issues in conjunction with MacOS issues... what those are exactly i am sure i do not know and i am equally sure that Apple is working on it.

but, everyone i know that is NOT using a Mac with NewWorld ROM has had ZERO troubles with the past few MacOS'es... a few of my iMac/B&W G3/G4 using friends did have quite a few fits at first, thought their Macs are all quite happy now, and with MacOS9 on them...

however i still say that MacOS 9 on my NON-NewWorld ROM rev2 G3 minitower leaks memory worse than did MacOS 8.6 on this machine, though it was not_bad_leakage in 8.6, and i would like to see this addressed by an imminent (hopefully) release of MacOS.

i am somewhat disturbed by the fact that newer versions of MacOS have been released along with newer products in the past few months, i see the sense (and likely the necessity) of that but... is MacOS getting that hardware-specific? when win95 users wanted to upgrade to win98 many if not all had to upgrade their hardware... hmmm, i dunno, just an idle thought most likely...
pastusza Mar 21, 2000 11:16 AM
9.01, 9.02, 9.03. These all just add compatibility for new Apple hardware. It's not like Windows 2000 ships EVERY driver every needed. Apple has done this in the past. For the same reason, you can't install MacOS 8.6 on a firewire PowerBook. 9.1 should bring all machines into the fold and help standardize things.

Andy Pastuszak
wlonh Mar 21, 2000 01:26 PM

"Mac OS 9.0.4, Apple's next unified system software release, is all but ready for rollout and will be released "shortly," MacNN has learned. Sources report the release will be in the next three weeks.
The current beta product, which goes by the code name Minuet, is at version 9.0.4f3 and was released February 29. This release is the eleventh seeded build of Minuet. This upcoming release does not include any new features, but does include an undetermined number of bug fixes and integration of existing components.
The main focus of Mac OS 9.0.4 is to unify specific component features of Mac OS 9.0.1, 9.0.2 and 9.0.3 that were installed of certain Mac models launched in February. Historically, Apple has always shipped a system software release that unifies all the enablers, updated components and any new components shipped for specific hardware. The unified system software release will upgrade any Mac OS 9 system to version 9.0.4.
When the unified system software is released, Mac OS 9 customers will be able to get the latest system software by using the Software Update control panel, through a manual Web download, or by purchasing a full CD release directly from Apple."

elpibe Mar 24, 2000 07:33 PM
I have a deeper and foundamental question. Apple is basing their future on MacOS X. After having read countless tales of users that have been using it, and based on my own experience with MacOS X Server, I'm not confident that alot of users will be making an immediate transition to the new OS. So, does Apple have any plans for an OS9 upgrade, perhaps to 9.1 or 9.5, with some added features for those not willing to "beta test" MacOSX?

P.S. MacOS X will be essentially a brand new operating system, and so will have a lot of problems in the beginning, just as most first version softare does (i.e. Adobe InDesign). So I hope Apple plans at least one more upgrade to the current operating system before FORCING all users to move to the first incarnations of MacOS X.
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