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rjddsc Nov 28, 1999 05:09 PM
More OpenGL Questions
I've got a B&W G3 400 with a Rage 128 and I can't seem to get OpenGL 1.1.2 to work! I've installed it & nothing, reinstalled the old stuff and tried reupdating and nothing seems to work. Every time I play a game I can't use RAVE or even get Q3 or Rainbow Six to play. It's driving me mad, anyone have any ideas? I'd appreciate any help I could get.
Gromit Nov 29, 1999 01:04 AM
I have the same machine and also had the same problem. I discovered that the only way to get OpenGL to work was by turning on Virtual Memory. Rainbow 6 then worked great, although I still encounter frequent random crashes while loading up levels in Quake III Demo Test. Descent 3 also works great. I'm not quite sure why I'm having problems with Quake 3, but at least you'll get farther than before. Hope this helps.
rjddsc Nov 29, 1999 07:45 PM
I'm bumming because I do have VM turned on and I still have no luck! Maybe if you could tell me what ATI extensions and OpenGL extensions you have I could mimic that (maybe I'm missing one or have one old one too many).
Gromit Nov 30, 1999 01:00 AM
Sorry that didn't help. First of all, I am running OS 9. Before I relised that in my case, I had to turn on VM to get OpenGL to work, I installed a bare bones Clean Install of OS 9 and then installed OpenGL. Everything ran great. You may have some sort of extensions conflict. It's worth testing for it. Here is a list of the ATI extensions and Open GL extensions I have:

ATI 3D Accelerator v4.9.3
ATI Driver Update v1.4.8
ATI Graphics Accelerator v4.7.3
ATI MPP Manager v1.2f1
ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator v5.6.9
ATI Resource Manager v2.1.5
ATI Video Accelerator v4.3.3
ATI Video Accelerator Update v1.0.2

All the OpenGL extensions are version 1.1.2

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rjddsc Dec 5, 1999 06:41 PM
Boy this is a tricky one! I did a clean install, then installed OpenGL 1.1.2, have Virtual Memory on and still nothing! I'm not sure what to do at this point. I check the system profiler and it registers the card so it must be installed correctly (or so I assume). There was one difference in my extensions, you have ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator at version 4.9.3 and mine has version 5.6.9.

I'm guessing it was just a typo but if not maybe I need to get that extension for it to work. Thanks again for taking the time to assist me!!
Gromit Dec 6, 1999 12:38 AM
You were right, it was a typo. I'm sorry about that. I tried and double checked too, and it still slipped by me. Terribly sorry. This is a tricky problem indeed, and it seems as if we're running out of ideas. How much actual RAM do you have on your system? I have 128megs. If you have less than that, I suggest increasing VM way way up. It may be a RAM problem, so that even with VM on, OpenGL and the game aren't getting enough RAM. I'm just assuming that you have less than 128 megs of RAM, and if you don't, well, than back to the drawing board. After all the work you've put into trying to solve the problem yourself, contacting Apple may be a good idea. Their web site has a troubleshooting forum where you may be able to get some extra help from an Apple source.
rjddsc Dec 6, 1999 07:40 AM
Thanks for all your help, it's very much appreciated!! I do have 128 megs of RAM so it's probably not that. I'll give Apple a try and then report back any success I have. Thanks again for helping out!
Zwilnik Dec 7, 1999 02:29 PM
Open GL reserves its own memory for textures etc. so actually REDUCING the amount of memory allocated to a game can help it run. If your game has 80mb, Finder has 30mb, then OpenGL only has <18mb to work with. Enabling VMem helps, but usually leaves OpenGL trying to use disk based Virtual Mem, instead of serious memory
Roeve Feb 18, 2000 08:41 PM
Did Zwilnik finish his message? I desparately need a way to fix he consantly crashing Descent 3 on my PM G4 400
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