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oscar Feb 16, 2000 04:41 AM
SimpleText opening slowly?
Hello, I have a problem thats been bohering me for quite some time. Ever since I upgraded to 8.6, I've noticed when I double click on a simple text document, simple text takes like 6-7 secods to open. It used to snap right open, but no longer, anyone have a simelar situation?

-See Yea!
drewman Feb 16, 2000 10:34 PM
Make sure that the latest SimpleText is opening. Some programs install SimpleText or the even older TeachText in their folders.

Do a find and kill all the extra SimpleText and TeachText and choose the one with the latest version number (I think it is 1.3).

You might be running an old version which has 68k code and the emulator is having to load the code.

Also, delete the SimpleText preferences if there are any in System Folder/Preferences.

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