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jpb Nov 2, 1999 05:35 AM
That's cool but I probably won't go into programming. i guess what's behind my question is how to get organized on a mac. My new iMac DV SE is my first mac ever. Where should I put icons for my applications? In the Apple Menu? On the desktop? I'm tired on always going into my HD and finding the specific folder. Where do I start. i like to keep things clean.
Thanks for any suggestions.
jpb Nov 3, 1999 07:16 PM
Control Strip
Guys, is there a way to create control strip modules? I would like to create one that could store different applications.
Don Foy Nov 3, 1999 10:45 PM
There are a couple of ways to go about finding out how to do this. I don't know for sure, but I'd bet Apple has some information on it on its developer site. There might even be a software development kit.

You could also check archives for shareware Mac control strips (Jeremy's CSMs is one set that comes to mind) and email the authors, asking for advice and how they got started programming CSMs..

Happy coding.
WarDawg Nov 7, 1999 03:56 PM
Use the "Launcher" to store Application icons. In the "Apple" menu select "Control Panels" then "Launcher".

Drag 'n' drop the icons of applications you want to have in there.

To have the Launcher open when you start the computer up, go to "Control Panels" then "General Controls". In the upper left corner is an area that has "Show launcher at startup" - check that box and its set.

You can make different categories on the Launcher by opening the System Folder, then the "Launcher Items" folder. Inside there make a folder with a name that starts with the Option-8 (solid circle or bullet character) character and then a name like Utilities. In the Launcher you will then have two buttons, Applications and then any other folder you create.


In Mac OS 9 the Launcher is actually a separate item from the Finder and you can bring it to the front by itself so its always available when you need it.
akebono Nov 7, 1999 04:57 PM
You can also make a folder, set it to view as buttons, and drag it to the bottom of your screen so that it appears as a pop-up window. That way, it is hidden and whenever you need it, you can drag files onto the tab and the folder (and all your aliases inside) will appear. I prefer this to the launcher.
Don Foy Nov 7, 1999 05:48 PM
As usual, there are about as many ways to organize yourself as there are Mac users. Do it whichever way you are most comfortable. If you are used to the Windows way of doing things, go get Action GoMac, an inexpensive utility that puts that start menu across the bottom of your screen. $29.95 at You can try it for free.

If you want to use Launcher, then do it, but I would recommend a better program, the shareware DragThing. I have been using it for many years and it is well worth the $20 price tag. It is available from You can try it for free. If you don't like it, fine.

There are some who organize their applications in folders in the Apple menu, or even just in the Apple Menu itself. Bear in mind that to get something to show up on top of the Apple menu, you can put a space in front of its name. Action Menus is a program that can help with organization of that, also at

Hope this helps.

Regardless of what everyone else says, do it your way. If you wanted to be like everyone else, you would have bought a PC, right. Whatever you find serves you best is what you should do.

JSass Nov 7, 1999 06:21 PM
If you are looking for control strip modules, be sure to check out Control Strip Outlet at <A HREF=""></A>. You can find all sorts of csm's there, including many application launcher type modules.

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wlonh Nov 7, 1999 07:22 PM
Control Strip Haven rocks, most complete selection of CSM's i've found...

Ummm er ah... i should have said 'most i'd ever found by myself until the ABOVE POST WISED ME UP'

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cwkocsis Nov 8, 1999 12:18 AM
You can also set up your function keys to launch programs in you keyboard control panel.
ControlStripOutlet Nov 8, 1999 03:08 PM
I don't mean to toot my own horn, but <A HREF="">Control Strip Outlet</A> has many more modules than Control Strip Haven, which hasn't been updated in quite a while.
Ken SE Nov 14, 1999 05:15 AM
I tried installing Jeremy's control strips, but theb my control strip disappear. So I restarted the computer and tried to start it up but it said that there was an error in launching control strip. I even tried re-installing os 8.6 using the cd that came with the DV SE.

I'm not sure what to do?

Barney Nov 14, 1999 12:31 PM
jpb: Maybe I'm misinterpreting your problem, but there is something no one else has suggested. Why don't you just create some aliases and place them on your desktop and /or put them in the Apple Menu?

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QuatermassX Nov 14, 1999 11:18 PM
Ah, I see that no one has suggested THE BEST piece of shareware (actually, it's "pint-ware") for the Mac - FinderPop!!

I live and die by FinderPop (which DOES have some problems with OS9, but should be patched soon).

It's a control panel that allows you to add items to your contextual menu. I use it for aliases of my applications for a quick right mouse button click (control-click) and POP the app is launched!


Since I do a lot of web design, I control-click on top of, say, an HTML file created with BBEdit and force open it with Netscape to preview the file. It's a VERY elegant version of "drag and drop".
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