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pjosborne Nov 13, 1999 05:52 AM
Mystery of the lost gigabyte
Sometime since upgrading to OS9, I have lost a gigabyte from my hard drive! On a RevD iMac with a 6GB HD the finder is reporting 3.23G available (2.77 used). I can only account for 1.7 (and Retrospect reports only 1.5G of data on the disk). I have run Disk First Aid, NDD, and looked for invisible files with ResEdit. I have allowed for the size of the VM file (0.2G), have rebuilt the desktop - and am now at a complete loss. Anyone experience anything like this, ever? (I certainly haven'tand I've been using Macs since '87).

Many thanks
Misha Nov 13, 1999 11:03 AM
Wow, how strange. Normally I'd say it's probably a problem with the MDB, but since you've run Norton that can't be the case.

You might want to post this question in the OS 9 forum... I know some people only read that forum.
Drew Nov 13, 1999 02:31 PM
Do you have Tech Tool Pro? They have an undelete function that steals hard disk space.
ssampey Nov 13, 1999 02:32 PM
Is your disk being indexed? I finally turned that off because my index file was getting huge (200mb-incompleted!) If you go to Sherlock II and look for the index volumes... item under the Find menu. It'll show your indexing info, including size.
pjosborne Nov 13, 1999 02:43 PM
Both the above are good suggestions. Unfortunately I don't use TechTool and I've already allowed for the FindByContent index (104MB) when adding up my folder sizes. I have had a few bad crashes recently, one when using Photoshop 5.5. Does this application still create a scratch file? (And if so where would it be?). Is it possible that the Trash thinks it's empty, but isn't?

Still scratching my head on this one....
Ster Nov 13, 1999 03:09 PM
long shot, but try running photoshop again, then quitting out. it might then delete any scratch file that the prior crash left behind.
just a thought,
pjosborne Nov 13, 1999 03:46 PM
Problem solved!

The last poster was half right - it was Photoshop scratch files, but they weren't deleted by opening and quitting the app... They were in a Macintosh HD: Temporary Folder, which wasn't showing up under ResEdit. The only way I could find to delete them was bizarre, drag-n-drop them from the Sherlock listing into the Trash!

(And what really hurts is that it took my girlfriend to work all this out!)

jchapman Nov 13, 1999 04:29 PM
You can also use the Norton Utilities "Wipe Info" application to delete files out of the Temporary Items folder (and other invisible folders)
kinetic Nov 13, 1999 05:04 PM
just happened to me. do a find file - sherlock - on your drive for "temp" if you pull up any very large temp files throw them in the trash from sherlock. then empty trash. these files wont appear any where on your computer except when you use sherlock. i don't know why, but they are stored in a folder called "temp files" on the hard drive but it is invisible. please let me know if this works.

Chris Treadway
Kinetic Design
kinetic Nov 13, 1999 05:06 PM
oops should have finished reading the replies
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