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jfountain Nov 8, 1999 06:42 AM
TCP/IP networking with WinNT
I have a PC running winNT server and am wondering if it's possible to network this machine with my mac using TCP/IP. I currently have Appletalk services installed on the NT machine but am looking to eliminate AppleTalk from the network.

Using sys 8.6 I can't just type the IP address into the network browser and get get it to connect to the NT server. It always tells me the server is unavailable.

Anyone with any know-how in this area? Your help is greatly appreciated.
kendals Nov 8, 1999 07:37 AM
We are currently beta testing Win2K and I have loaded it on an Acer system and I have been sucesfully been able to connect to it using my PM 7600/120 and my PB 5300c. The new Win2K supports native IP sharing, 4.0 doesn't.
so-alive Nov 8, 1999 10:19 AM
jfountain: I think the Appletalk services are only for connecting your mac to the PC for sharing files via appletalk and for sharing printers. And you should make sure you are running NT4 with ServicePack 3.
If you want to run without Appletalk you may need to turn on FTP services for filesharing. I don't know how you would deal with printers. Although I guess that wouldn't matterif you weren't using your NT box as a Print Server.

kendals: Does Win2K use real, everyday TCP/IP or is it still Microsoft's implementation of TCP/IP?
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