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sfdj Oct 14, 1999 06:57 AM
Apple's Email addresses and Phone #!!
We need to let them know... they need to learn... only because we love our Macs and it's hard to see all this happeninging. Let's voice our opinoins... here's how...

Email Apple:

Email or Call Apple's PR department and let them know that we are not STUPID and we're MAD as hell. All the numbers and addresses are here...

Remember we're doing this for us... and for Apple.

Thank you!!

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wlonh Oct 14, 1999 07:17 AM
hmmm... yes, ANGER is an energy that can be used productively.

i agree that most of us Mac users are not stupid but what, pray tell, are you angry about?

you fail to mention, except that "because we love our Macs and it's hard to see all this happeninging "... WHAT do you mean by 'all this happening'? Such as what, for example??

(and would you consider editing your remarks by removing the somewhat profane reference to body fluids? Mad as Hell will do. Thank you.)

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sfdj Oct 14, 1999 07:55 AM
If you have no idea about what I was saying... you're a little late on the news. Please check out these pages as well as all the posts on the forum sites.... it's not a pretty picture....

P.S. I think the "P" word is pretty mild comparing to all the others I've read last night.... Sorry if it offended you though.... ;-)

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wlonh Oct 14, 1999 10:10 AM
I most CERTAINLY did know of this NEWS, but your original post was uselessly CRYPTIC and I was pointing that out to you...

Which words in your original post would serve to inform ANYONE what you MAY have been talking about?


And believe me, I have a foul mouth. You can't offend me by using 'bad' words. I like to swear. But not here. 'Hell' and 'damn' seem to be appropriate when necessary, and that is pretty common decorum for a forum. `8-)

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rph Oct 16, 1999 05:15 PM
I'm not happy about losing 50 MHz, but I'm not mad as hell. Maybe, because the iMac DV's make it hard to buy a G4 all because of iMovie. I can't get it anywhere else!

I've seen all kinds of justifications, and I don't know what Apple could have done except possibly drop the price on the 50MHz downgrade by a little, say $50 or $100. Or thrown in some goodies. I don't know if they did, though.

Some article somewhere said that most mortals don't need a 500MHz anything. My 333MHz iMac agrees with that for the most part. I'm sure there are processor intensive apps that need all those MHz, but then the benchmarks also apply differently and in that case, a 450MHz G4 still whips any PIII out there.

Remember, the G4 benchmarked at 2.9something times the speed of a PIII/600 on AVERAGE. But for the kinds of tasks where that 50MHz makes a difference, the PIII whip factor would have been more than just 3ish.

If you're comparing MHz only, then AMD has a 700MHz space heater for you. IMHO, it's a status thing. Lucky we don't compare cars for the RPM's they achieve.

For the record, this isn't a flame. It's merely a compilation of the info I've read on this overflogged topic.
pwrmac7600 Oct 18, 1999 02:41 PM
OK! I have recently learned about this whole topic due to the fact that I have been out of town and am not lucky enough to own a laptop.
I just want to make sure I am understanding this all correctly.
Ok so apple screwed up or motorola whoever you point the finger at, but am I to understand that now the low line is the 350 on a Yosemite motherboard and the 400 on up are all on Sawtooth boards now? I only ask because I don't want to buy the wrong machine. I want all the new benefits of the new system board, And you know Steveo said it best when he said good companies admit there mistakes, great companies fix them. I truely believe apple has done just to the people that preorederd.
Well any help would be appreciated.
Man and I thought apple was simplifying there product line?

"once you go mac you
never go back!"

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