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adolfo Aug 11, 1999 05:38 PM
8.6+power computing= :(
I recently upgraded my 8.5 os to 8.6 and in the process I seemed to have lost my ethernet option. Now I'm screwed as I'm on an @home cable connection. Can anyone help? I'm on a power computing power center pro 210.
Jeff Edsell Aug 12, 1999 12:01 PM
Some Power Computing models did not come with Ethernet built in (as all Apple machines do). Odds are you have a 3rd-party PCI Ethernet card and the upgrade wiped out the drivers for it. The drivers were probably included on a floppy when you got the machine (ours were). Conversely, you an look inside the machine to see what kind of card you have and contact the company for the drivers. (If you have some other way of getting online, it's probably easiest to download the latest drivers directly from their site.)

Hope this helps,

Macguy Aug 28, 1999 07:25 PM
Same thing happened to me with my 6500 when i was up-dating...

I just poped over to the manufactures web-site -- via my old 336, downloaded the newest drivers and now everything is just as it was before.
Herr Newton Sep 7, 1999 12:32 AM The 210s are nothing more than a Catalyst Logic Board (PM 7200) with a hacked-up bus speed. The ethernet is onboard.

Your PowerCenter Pro 210 needs "Apple Enet 2.1.2" installed as its driver.
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