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desmodus Sep 5, 1999 05:12 AM
hyphenation in X-press 4.04+OS8.6
Hi there,

I am writing this letter because we have a problem with Quark X-Press 4.04 Passport Mac.
The problem occurs when running X-Press under OS 8.6, in the Dutch language.
When this is done, the hyphenation is suddenly all wrong (we havent had this problem with any other OS running X-Press). To my knowledge this only happens in the Dutch language. We have tried changeing all there is in quark concearning hyphenation (including using 3th party dictionaries) . . . . . none worked.
Since we are a graphical design studio that makes a lot of magazines, we are experiencing large problems with this hyphenation . . . . . .
X-Press also changes the hyphenation from older (correctly hyphenated) documents, what will happen when we send out our (in OS 8.6 made, and mostly manually hyphenated) documents to a service bureau to print out ???????
I called Quark BeNeLux last wednesday (9-1-99) and told them our problem, their response was:
We never heard of it, but we will look in to it, and call you back asap.

I called back on friday-morning (9-3-99) asking them if they have found something, response was:
We could regenerate your problem and we are looking further into it and we WILL call you back later this afternoon.
(during this time we didn't work with X-Press on our OS8.6 machines).

I wasn't called back that friday, so I posted to quark-tech-forum, their response was:
We cannot do anything about that here, contact Quark BeNeLux.

This morning (monday 9-6-99) I called Quark. They acted like they never heard of the problem (again) and said that they cannot check/cure/bug it because they do not run OS 8.6 :-( . . . . . (why did they tell me that they have regenerated the problem earlyer?? No response)
We hope to call you back at the end of this week.

We depend heavily on the usage of Quark X-Press, we cannot stop working for one week. So, beacause of their lazyness and amateuristic helpdesk, I have to change most of our Operating Systems, back to 8.5.1. MEANING: reinstalling ATM, and reinstalling X-Press (with all CDEV's and Control panels disabled and a mounted diskimage on all B&W G3's). This will take me 2 days, and costs alot of money.

This problem is most surely a problem generated by X-Press, when restarting with all CDEV's turned off, the problem still is there .

I hope that you have a cure for it.

Thanks in advance.
Mark Hofhuis

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