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Keda Mar 4, 2000 01:39 PM
G3266/OS9 wont go to sleep
I went to OS9 last weekend. Last night, I realized that the Mac wasnt going to sleep. I dont think it is OS9, but does any one know of sw that could cause this? ...or any ideas?
saintvii Mar 6, 2000 12:13 PM
I have had the same problem with my G3 300 mhz PB since 8.5. I have tried a myriad of combinations to see what is causing it to no avail. The only solution I can reccomend is the the shareware "Sleeper" seems to override the problem, unfortunately that solution will cost you 20 bucks.
BB Mar 6, 2000 01:04 PM
I had a similar problem with my B&W G3 running OS 9. If you have Norton Utilities 5.0 installed, you might try disabling the File Saver extensions. This immediately resolved my problem.
nemesys Mar 6, 2000 03:32 PM
I also have a B&W G3 with OS 9. Only the hard disks will go to sleep. The monitor never sleeps.

I don't have LifeSaver to disable, though, so it must be something else...
brahmservo Mar 6, 2000 03:54 PM
I had a similar problem with my Wallstreet PowerBook.
It would go to sleep if I chose it from
the menu bar or shut the lid, but if it
would not got to sleep after a period of
inactivity (even if set to "better conservation" in the energy saver). I
found that the control strip module for
the UMAX 2400S w/Vista Scan software was
regularily hitting the disk, even when the
scanner was not attached. This would prevent the hard drive from spinning down and hence the system. Removing this
module from the Control Strip Modules
folder and rebooting fixed the problem.
Keda Mar 7, 2000 02:26 PM
Man, so Im not alone. Iv reset my pram, tossed energy saver prefs, and tweaked the xtns. Does anyone konw of a utility that can monitor activity. Maybe this way I could see which app is causing acrivity.

thanks for the reply
cornbred Mar 12, 2000 01:17 AM
I have a G4/400/YIKES running OS9 that won't wake up after putting it to sleep. It sucks because I have to reboot it every morning. Any ideas on this one?

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