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LMP Jul 27, 1999 01:40 PM
Print Server
I would like to use my old Centris 610 as a print server. I have a G3 300 and would like to connect them using a ehternet connection. Both computers have the connections. Right now I have my printer set up with local talk and rj-11 connectors (Phone net) and it is slow and ties me up. How do I accomplish this feat.
Once again I have a G3 300, a Centris 610 and an old HP Printer (550C).

Please assist me. Thanks in advance.

A shareware solution is prefered.
natro301 Jul 29, 1999 03:11 PM
frist off the speed prob wold be fixed with a cable modem.2 goto look for sever
manymacs Aug 3, 1999 12:13 PM
First off, don't listen to matro301. He seems to think Cable modems are the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Now...on to the solution. I assume your printer is Mac serial or localtalk-only. What you can do, is go to Apples software update site and search for LocalTalk Bridge. This is a freeware control panel that will route ethernet traffic to a localtalk printer installed on a machine. Basically, install it on the Centris, configure it, and you should be able to print to that printer from the G3.
dbuffington Aug 4, 1999 11:11 PM
Duh! I should have thought about LocalTalk Bridge to solve a server problem of my own. You can find the latest version at...
kamikaze Aug 5, 1999 10:20 PM
If LocalTalk is already too slow for you, you need to step up to Ethernet. Your G3 already has a 10Base-T or 10/100Base-T built-in and ready to use.

Your 610 will need a LC/PDS 10Base-T network interface card (the LC refers to the old LC line of consumer Macs, one of which was a 610 with a different label stuck on the front; the PDS means that you'll install it in the Processor Direct Slot of your 610). Asante and Farallon each still offer them at $80, and the new player Macsense sells them for about $60. You'll also need a 10Base-T Ethernet cable comfortably long enough to stretch from the G3 to the 610 ($10-$15). You'll be better off with one that's a little longer than you need, and you might as well get a Category 5 cable since they only cost a couple of dollars more than Category 3. All of the above are available from the Clubmac catalog or website ( and most are available from MacZone, MacWarehouse, MacConnection, etc.

Once you've got them hooked up and have the driver for the LC/PDS card installed, EtherTalk is set up just like you set up LocalTalk.

You can get a freeware or shareware print server from the Tucows website ( or elsewhere. Before you know it you'll be print spoolin' your heart out. Your G3 screen will clear so fast you won't believe it, and you can get back to what you bought the G3 for in the first place, playing Falcon 4.
dstout Aug 11, 1999 10:50 PM
Print server software is the answer!

Upgrading to Ethernet between your G3 and 610 and using Apples LocalTalk Bridge software will increase the speed the computers can communicate with each other but you will still have to push that print data through your old PhoneNet connection to the printer at slow speed. Using print server software on the 610 will allow it to buffer the data from the G3 to the printer. Even without upgrading to Ethernet you will still gain back use of your G3 much faster. The printer wont print any faster, you just wont have to wait for it.

Now if you were to add the Ethernet upgrade too, that would be really fast. And as a bonus your file sharing between these two computers will be MUCH faster.

Now if you do upgrade to Ethernet and do not use a hub (about $50 for a 4 port one) make sure you use a crossover cable (also called a x-over cable) between the two systems. This cable allows two Ethernet equiped computers to hook together without the use of the hub.
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