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iJustinG Jul 29, 1999 07:21 PM
Getting ADSL soon...
I'm going to be having a DSL line installed soon and I had a couple of questions because I noticed stories about people having trouble with them. First It will be connected to a small LAN of PC's and Macs, the server will be an iMac running 8.6 with 160 RAM. This is all plugged into a 100BaseT ethernet hub. Ok, what might be some special things I will have to configure, or some things I should know to get the connection up and running? Also, whats the difference between all the DSL's? Like ADSL, xDSL, etc.? Also, I'm thinking instead of purchasing IP's for all the machines in the LAN(who will just be doing email and web browsing stuff) Can I use something like Vicomsofts SoftRouter or Vicom Internet Gateway? Will that work and is it easy to set up with a DSL line with a mac and PC network? Also I read in my mac addict magazine that Epson sells an adapter that alows IP printing from its USB printers like the 740i. Will I be able to use this on the networked PC's? Lastly, how would I set up a file server? :-) Thats alot of questions I know so If someone has the time to email me with some help that would be great. I'm pretty new to some of this stuff and I'm eager to learn.
crazy bastard Aug 6, 1999 12:33 AM
justin, i can answer at least some of your questions. First of all, all you need to do is plug your dsl modem into a hub on your network and it will be available to all computers in the lan. The differences between the different types of dsl are harder to explain, except to say that it is mostly a matter of implentation from your telco. They are all about the same from the end user standpoint. If your isp gives you a static ip, you will need to use something like VIG, if they are using DHCP, each computer can log in independently and get their own ip. Hope this helps some. Any ??'s, you can email me
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