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ShyGuy711 Jul 28, 1999 01:37 AM
Ive got an iMac and a Performa 6400. I wanna connect these two using ethernet. I already have the card in the Performa. My question is do I need an Ethernet hub and connect each to it or do I connect them using one cable from one computer to the other and what kinds of cables do I need? Thanks.
bakerboy Jul 28, 1999 04:00 PM
what you need is called a crossover or twisted pair cable .then set up users and groups and turn on file sharing and way you go......
johnny99 Jul 31, 1999 09:13 PM
You just need the right cable like these guys are saying. Any shop should be able to sell you one, Mac, PC, whatever, it doesn't matter but it's got to be a crossover cable, not a regular ethernet cable. I got one from my Mac shop and it was exactly the same as all the other cables, only it had "-X" at the end of the product number.

You then set the AppleTalk control panel to use Ethernet, turn on file sharing, and you're away. Each computer should show up in the Chooser of the other.
idic Aug 2, 1999 10:35 PM
Also, Under the Help menu / Mac OS Help then under search type "sharing" then choose Sharing files with others on a network. Of course both computers should have Appletalk set to Ethernet.

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