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oharag Mar 15, 2000 08:14 PM
Was I wrong in upgrading to OS9.0
Since I've installed this OS I've been having my connection disconnected will logged onto the internet. While using Internet Explorer 4.5 the connection upruptly interrupts me, and sometimes locks up my system. Is this an Explorer problem?

Also, when I tried to launch Quicktime 4.0 I get a message stating that I should upgrade to version 4.1. When I say quit it does just that it quits never launching Quicktime 4.0. Is this some Apple ploy to get everyone upgraded to version 4.1?

I also have a question to this board. Where can I get MacOS 9.02? I've been hearing that this release fixes alot of the problems with USB-SCSI adaptors.
Linda Mar 15, 2000 09:04 PM

I can't answer all of your questions...but I can tell you that OS 9.02 shipped with new computers, iMacs/G4s, recently. Some iMacs are now shipping with 9.03. These versions incorporate fixes needed for the newest hardware.

It's not commercially available--yet. But there will be an upgrade soon. They might be calling it OS 9.1.

Hope this helps!
wlonh Mar 15, 2000 09:14 PM
internet troubles:
try deleting/replacing MacTCP DNR file
and the Internet preferences file and the TCP/IP pref's file but realize that you will have to reset the Internet and TCP/IP control panel settings after trashing them and restarting!

also: trash the contents (EXCEPT for the 'Favorites.html' file, that is your bookmarks) of the 'Explorer' folder found in the Prefernces folder and trash the 'MS internet cache' folder as well (also in Preferences folder)

and why not upgrade QT to 4.1?
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