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NDBounce Mar 16, 2000 04:35 PM
OS 9.0.2
I have OS/9 and I ran the software updater, installed all the junk it game me, yadda yadda, but when I go to about this computer under the apple Menu it still reads Mac OS version 9.0. How do I upgrade to 9.0.2. What does the 9.0.2 upgrade offer that 9.0 does not?
slboett Mar 16, 2000 07:16 PM
Look a little harder...down a little futher, you'll see "PowerPC Enabler 9.0.2". That's the identifier.

NDBounce Mar 19, 2000 11:14 AM
I ran Software Updater again, the only software that comes up is Airport 1.1 and Aladdin Software. Nothing regarding 9.0.2 However, under about this computer it still says I'm running 9.0

Help please! Do I need to get this from Apple's site directly? Is my software Updater misconfigured somehow? Suggestions and comments appreciated!
slboett Mar 19, 2000 02:22 PM
I mis-understood your post.
At this point, the only way to get 9.02 is from the CD on new Macs.
When the update is posted, it will likely be 9.04 or 9.1.

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