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macmacperson Mar 17, 2000 08:36 PM
Internet Preferences Overwritten or Deleted!
I love my Mac. I've had it for 8 weeks. My first computer. G4/450/OS9/512Ram/36GBHD.
I have two ISPs. One is Earthlink. Something keeps overriding my settings. I suspect IE, but I don't know. I don't want IE to have access to my settings but don't want to shut out my other aps. I heard I could wire each ISP into a different spot with location manager. Maybe I'm not doing it right? I have an external Best data modem 56V90 SP. No internal. How do I set the computer to actually hold onto the settings I enter? I'm really tired of it telling me the other side isn't responding and to check my configuration. I've been on the phone for hours with Earthlink, Apple, Best Data, etc. Best Data said the Apple USB support is a problem. I only have one ISP configured but it doesn't help. I've tried both alone. Is there help? I have other challenges with it, but this is my most time consuming frustration! I love my Mac. Do you need more info?
jlandoisg Mar 18, 2000 10:28 PM
Maybe you have Internet Config? If you do then maybe the browser is getting its configuration data from it every time it starts up...
Do a search of your HD for Internet Config and see what is in it.
lycaon Mar 19, 2000 04:18 AM
If you mean those settings changed using the Internet control panel, your computer's Mac Help guide can explain how to make and switch sets (note that these sets are stored on the same pref file). With the Finder active, go to Help in the Menu bar and open up Mac Help. Run a search with the phrase "sets of internet preferences". You can also find out about Location Manager by running a search. Mac Help works like a browser, using links to navigate pages. Hope the info you need is in there.
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