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buzzedchiguy Apr 23, 2001 02:25 PM
truncating filenames problem
I just switched over from PC to iMac (w/OS 9.1), and I have lots of files on my PC that I need to move over to the new Mac. I burned my files on my PC using Easy CD Creator and all is fine and dandy UNTIL I try to view/move the contents of the CD using the iMac. The filenames get truncated to 8 characters, ie PRODI~2.WAV (if you view the files on the PC the filenames are intact) and I was wondering if anyone knows how come, or how to fix this. I have so many files that it would take an eternity to rename them all the way I like them.

Any ideas people? I'd really appreciate any help you could offer, it would really make my owning a Mac a much better experience. Thanks so much guys.
niacin Apr 23, 2001 04:26 PM
If your long file names can be viewed properly on a PC, means that you prob burned them in Joliet format. Get this extension called Joliet File System from this url, should solve your viewing problems:

You'll find more problems though, all your MP3s file names will still be truncated - OS 9 allows up to 31 characters in a file name

Get X, i think it solves this, correct me if i'm wrong
buzzedchiguy Apr 23, 2001 09:38 PM
Thanks so much 'niacin' for your help. That's a fine program you pointed me too, I can pretty much see the filenames as they are when I burned them (except the ones that were over 31 chars are truncated now, which is no big deal, it's so much better than before). A friend of mine told me another solution to this problem, and that was to download Nero from the net for my PC, and use that to burn my CD's because you can control the settings used (Joliet, 9660 and all that jazz) and I got it to work somewhat but I like your solution so much better. Too bad OS 9.1 only allows 31 chars, it's unfortunate but not THAT big of a sacrifice. If I can determine that OS X allows you to name files with longer names, then that would be a good reason for me to buy it, even if it is brand new.

Thanks again man.
SSebeny2 Apr 25, 2001 12:35 AM
OS X allows for 127 character file name I beleive. (Not sure of the exact number, but its much longer than 31).
reader50 Apr 25, 2001 01:34 AM
The HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) disk format allows filenames up to 255 characters. OS X will recognize all 255 characters allowed. If you can mount that CD in OS X, you could copy the files across with long names intact - at least, to a partition formatted with HFS+ (Mac OS Extended). Partitions formatted with the older HFS (Mac OS Standard) format only allow 31 characters, regardless of the OS you use.

OS 9.1 (and earlier) will only show the first 31 characters in a longer name. If you move, copy, or rename the file, only the first 31 characters would be moved/copied/clipped. Just leaving the file in place, the entire long name will remain intact. So if you copied with the OS X Finder, then switched back to OS 9, your files would retain the full names. Even though you would not see the full name.
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