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Sam Venning Apr 23, 2001 10:36 PM
Is my system English (US) or English (Intl)?
For many years Apple identified which version of the Mac OS (US English or International-English) was installed by listing it in "About This Computer".

English (US-English) was, for example, "System 7.6.1"
English (International-English) was, for example "System Z-7.6.1"

Now that QuickTime 5.0.1 is released... on the installer download page ( Apple states...

"Please note that the US download should only be used with US versions of Mac OS."

On my computer "About This Computer" states "Mac OS 9.0.4" yet some of the extension items are "Mac OZ Z-9.0". Is my Mac OS US-English or International-English and will installing QuickTime 5.0.1 (US English) cause problems on my Mac (if it is indeed the International-English version of the Mac OS)?

I wish Apple would clear this up.

Sam Venning
Melbourne, Australia
DocWest Apr 24, 2001 12:49 AM
If you open your System Folder and get info on Finder or System that should tell you.
The international version will have Z1-9.1 or something similar.

I would go by whatever version your System file is.
If it says Z- then wait for the international quicktime installer(sometime in may).

Cipher13 Apr 24, 2001 02:38 AM
I recommend you install a US system... this can be accomplished by using a US system updater on your international system.

Takes a bit of sidestepping, but it works.

If you want instructions, I can tell you how to do it... I've done it before. When I accidentally downloaded the 9.1 US update... there was no way I was waiting for the Intl vers, so with a bit of mucking around, it updated. Not so hard if you wanna try it.

tonton Apr 24, 2001 01:33 PM
Yes! How do you do it, cipher?

Of course I'll have to wait for 9.2, because 9.1 updater won't run on my TiBook...

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