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drfrank Mar 26, 2000 09:06 AM
OS 9 Document Folder Returning?
Just got a new G4/500 running OS 9.0.2 and it is doing something that I have not seen in my many years of Mac use. Each time I start the G4, a folder called Documents (or Documents Folder) appears on my hard disk. If I trash it, it just returns next start-up.

I have looked at various control panels to see where I can turn this off or disable it however, no luck. What am I missing here, seem to recall I have seen this discussed in earlier OS versions but not this one. Multiple users is not running either is File Sharing (although it was once).

Any suggestions?
JohnG Mar 26, 2000 10:29 AM
Go to Apple/ControlPanels/GeneralControls and see it the Documents folder radio button is on. If so, turn it off.
drfrank Mar 27, 2000 05:21 AM
No, the documents folder in the general controls panel is not turned on.

Any more suggestions?
hal4sn Mar 27, 2000 10:12 AM
I've noticed that Microsoft's Outlook Express likes to create a Documents folder. Within that folder, it creates another folder that contains all of your email. I tired moving the email folder into another folder, and deleting "Documents" folder, but OE doesn't like that.

Does this sound like your situation?
drfrank Mar 27, 2000 11:08 AM
Sorry, not that problem. I just installed OE 5.02 and no documents folder problem. I did reset the Mac after installing OE however and the infamous documents folder returned again, the problem continues...
Adam Silver Mar 27, 2000 11:11 AM
It's an annoying feature. You can't permanently get rid of the Documents folder at the root of your hard disk.

Until Mac OS 9, I had my Documents folder on the desktop. I now have an alias of the Documents folder on my desktop. There's no point in fighting something you can't change.
wlonh Mar 27, 2000 11:21 AM
hmmm, G4... NewWorld ROM.
so many odd problems have been reported, and now the Documents folder will not accept user's desired location... hmmm

so many problems that leave me scratching my head mostly because my beige rev2 G3 minitower (OS 9) has not exhibited any of the many problems that in my experience appear to be unique to newer Macs

and this Documents folder thing has got me thinking 'hmmm... Windows-like'
drfrank Mar 27, 2000 01:56 PM
Hi Folks,

Well, I had to restart the G4 about 20 minutes from a minor crash and guess what—The documents folder is gone! Nothing has been changed, no settings nada, it is just gone as fast as it first arrived Must have been gremlins that worked their way out of the system?

Still would like to know the cause...

tr909 Mar 27, 2000 01:59 PM
What happens if you trash the folder and restart with holding shift (extensions off)
if stays away, disable all extensions and add a few and restart and go over the process till it re-appears. never seen this one (yet)

Pacific Mar 27, 2000 08:25 PM
You could attach a folder action script that deletes the documents folder whenever it is created.
spicyjeff Mar 27, 2000 11:55 PM
OS 9 does not require a documents folder unless it is being used by an application or system feature. Multiple Users 'on' or Outlook Express will create this folder every time they are used...other apps and system setting do it too but I forget which ones. Find out what they are and don't use them, thats what I did.
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