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Arno Peeters Mar 28, 2000 01:40 PM
Icons won't re-appear....
Hello y'all

I have particular icons that not appear as they're supposed to (SDII-files).
I know it should display in the normal way, since I've seen them for a while and then they change back to default Mac 'unknown' type-icons.
Zapping p-ram, rebuilding desktops with key commands and Techtool, changing 'file exchange', nothing helps.

Is there a finder-pref or db-file that I need to trash to get it back ?

Arno Peeters
Tape TV Productions
MichaelJPR May 16, 2000 10:21 AM
I'm having the exact same problem, and found this thread when searching for the answer. Has anyone solved it yet?
Fredo May 16, 2000 02:03 PM
There is a finder preference file in the preferences folder in the system folder in your hard drive. Try trashing it and restart.
Arno Peeters May 16, 2000 04:22 PM
About trashing the prefs: been there, done that... Didn't help.
For the SoundDesigner II files (SDII) the reason is simple: SD is not installed
But fo instance some RealAudio-files have lost their icons too (.ra).
I'm suspecting the Mac Easy Open cp to play part here...

Any other idea's ?

Arno Peeters
Tape TV Productions
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