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Jsnuff1 Apr 28, 2001 09:09 PM
itunes with arkaos visuals
Ive put the arkaos visual plugin in the itunes visual plugin what? no documentation came on how you get this visual to run, when i turn visuals in itunes the default visual still plays, any suggestions?
caifara Apr 29, 2001 06:19 AM
if you've put the file in the visuals folder you should see it on the menubar in the visual submenu. (you have to restart the application)
I dunno for sure, but I think you'll need v1.1

suprz Apr 29, 2001 08:38 AM
i have the arKaos plug in working with itunes v1.0 and put everything into the itunes visual plug in folder (except the "read me" ) the way you control it is with the keyboard. when you turn itunes on and play the visuals, in he upper right hand corner there will be 3 lines of info. the "W" key changes the upper line, the "S" key controls the middle line, and "X" key contols the lower line. if you turn on itunes, and dont see anything in the screen. hit one of the keys on the keyboard. hope this helps

" I think,

o.k. after playing with it some more i have the following update:
1-the "H" key seems to be the menu of options
2-the "Q" and "W" are the backward and forward for toggling thru options for the first line of views
3-the "A" and "S" are the same only for the middle line
4- the "Z" and "X" are the same but for the bottome line
5- the "F" displays the frame rate
6-the "T" is the frame rate capping
7-the "M" freezes the current choice of visuals or if pressed again allows the visuals to go thru "slideshow" mode on the screen

that's all that i have found so far. if any more i'll post them

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