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Storyboy Apr 30, 2001 01:15 PM
CPU 3.2 Saved my Sanity--WHAT IS IT?

I was having much trouble getting my iMac DVSE to sleep running OS 9.1; I followed a link here on MacNN to this
page: and,
following Mr. Kennedy's suggestion, I downloaded and installed the files he had posted on iDisk and, lo and behold, the insomnia is cured.

Now, I am still trying to learn more about this OS CPU 3.2 Software, from whence these replacement files were drawn...

Can anyone help me out? Has anyone else encountered this problem/tried this solution?

Again, this problem has been solved, but I just want to know more about CPU 3.2--are these the files that differ between downloaded upgrade and bundled 9.1 or what?


"The only consistant people I know are dead."

iMac DVSE 400/128/13
OS 9.0.4
AppleScript Apr 30, 2001 06:34 PM
Yes, these files are some of the ones that differ between the Mac OS 9.1 downloadable update and the bundled 9.1.


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