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LCC@UofH Mar 31, 2000 01:07 AM
Multiple User Questions
I've got a few issues w/ Multiple Users that I could use some help with.[list=a][*]Does anyone know how to give a "Panels" user access to an application, without it showing up in the "Items" panel?[*]Does anyone know how to allow a "Panels" user to access a CD/DVD, without it showing up as a panel?[*]Does anyone know how to make the "Documents" panel invisible?[/list=a]
Basically, I need to make "Panels" act as much like At Ease as possible. (i.e. totally idiot-proof) and have only one panel open.
Thanks in advance,
LCC IS Staff
Adam Silver Mar 31, 2000 06:10 PM
a. Put it in the Apple Menu

b. and c. I don't know.
LCC@UofH Apr 2, 2000 03:25 PM
Thanks, we'll look into the Apple Menu idea. Still need to hide those panels, though...
Any ideas, anyone?
-LCC IS Staff
Paul Crawford Apr 3, 2000 12:04 PM
Hi all:

There are some intriguing clues about the behavior of the 'Panels' pseudo-application in the Panels without Multiple Users thread in this forum, which might prove useful to you.

Also, try searching the 'Multiple Users' subsection of ResExcellence's Previous Edits section, or try posting your questions in their User's Forum.


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